• Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences
    Discovery in Scorpius constellation may signify clean energy for Earth
    Earlier this year, a group of international astronomers announced the discovery of an exotic binary star system, AR Scorpii.
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  • Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences
    Research eradicates bacteria from avocado facility
    “The aim of the project was to identify and characterise the contamination problem in an avocado-processing facility and then to find a solution.”
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  • Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences
    Prof Danie Vermeulen, new Faculty Dean
    The Council of the UFS approved the appointment of Prof Danie Vermeulen as Dean of the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences during its meeting on 11 March 2016.
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    Lithium-Ion Batteries Research Improving Ordinary Lives
    The future of scientific research at the Qwaqwa Campus is in good hands. Dr L Koao is one of the members of the Vice-Chancellor’s Prestige Scholars Programme (PSP) on this Campus.
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Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences : FAQ - EnSci and Modules

1) What are the entrance requirements?

  • An AP score of 34 or more is strongly recommended,
  • AP score of 7 in Mathematics and 6 in Physical Science,
  • Completion of NBT, and
  • An AP score in language of instruction of 4 or more.

2) When and how should I apply?
Apply through the UFS application process by 30 September 2016.

3) How many students can be accommodated?
30 students per year.

4) How much does it cost per year?
Approximately R44 000 + per student per year

5) What choices do I have when I graduate with the BSc degree majoring in Physics and Engineering subjects?

  • Graduate and enter the employment market,
  • Study further for an honours, master’s or doctoral degree in Physics, or
  • Apply to register for a second degree – BEng or BScEng (for two additional years) at another university that recognises the UFS degree. Acceptance is subject to conditions.

6) Will I get accepted for further studies at another university?
You will have to apply. Each university has its own unique requirements. Generally, the average mark of the applicant, as well as completion of studies in the minimum required time will play a deciding role, in conjunction with the availability of places. The UFS degree is developed to ensure that you can enter the third year of Engineering studies without having to take any first- or second-year subjects, and has an agreement with two universities to accept the UFS modules.

7) Which other universities have committed to acknowledge the UFS modules?
University of the Witwatersrand
University of Stellenbosch

8) What about other universities?
The UFS is presently discussing an agreement with several universities in South Africa to recognise the UFS modules. This however, does not prevent you from applying at any university.

9) Which specialised Engineering disciplines can I pursue at other universities in the 3rd year with the UFS BSc degree majoring in Physics and Engineering subjects?

  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechatronic Engineering

10) Which specialisation disciplines are currently not available for pursuing in the third year of study at another university, i.e. for which I will have to take additional first- and second-year subjects?

  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Mining Engineering

11) Does the UFS accept modules of Universities of Technology during application?
They are taken into account as partial substitutes for Grade 12 marks during the application process, but successful applicants will have to take all the UFS modules in their studies.

12) Is this BSc degree majoring in Physics and Engineering subjects accredited by SAQA?

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