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ACT Programmes Online: Facts & Questions

Welcome to a new opportunity in advancing your professional credentials as an educator—fully online!

Here are common questions about the online UFS Advanced Certificate in Teaching programmes offered by the South Campus.

For those with access to a printer, this allows the visitor to print for future reference and share with peers.

What ACT programmes are available online?

Presently, UFS offers three Advanced Certificates in Teaching:

  1. Foundation Phase
  2. Intermediate Phase – four areas of focus selections
    • Intermediate Phase Teaching specialising in English First Additional Language and Mathematics (or)
    • Intermediate Phase Teaching specialising in English First Additional Language and Life Skills (or)
    • Intermediate Phase Teaching specialising in English First Additional Language and Social Sciences (or)
    • Intermediate Phase Teaching specialising in English First Additional Language and Technology & Natural Sciences
  3. Senior Phase English FAL

Do the online ACT programmes require travel or contact sessions?

No travel or contact sessions are required. The student is able to complete each consecutive 8-week session leading to a Certificate fully online. This allows the flexibility to study at times best suited to individual schedules. The instructional modules may be accessed at any time via a laptop and an Internet connection from home, school or other convenient locations.

Do the ACT programmes require formal exams?

No formal exams are required. Instead, the student completes online assessments measuring their understanding of content and its application to the classroom.

What are the technology requirements for accessing the ACT programmes?

The student must have access to the Internet and a laptop.

The minimum requirements for a laptop to be used in the programme are as follows:

• Intel Core i5 CPU (1.8Ghz ) Minimum (Intel Core i5 2.0Ghz CPU and higher is preferred & Recommended ) (Note: A Intel Atom, Intel Celeron or AMD CPU is NOT recommended)
• 4GB RAM minimum (More Ram is Preferred)
• 500GB HDD – 1000GB HDD (Hard Disk Drive – Storage, larger HDD can store more information)
• Microsoft Windows 7 x64bit Minimum (see software Specifications )
• USB 2.0 - 2x Ports minimum, USB 3.0 is faster (Minimum 2x USB 2.0 Ports required, more is preferred)
• Built in Webcam and Mic (Normally std)
• Internal built in Speaker/s (Normally Std)
• 10/100/1000 Ethernet Port (RJ45 LAN) (Normally Std)
• WIFI 802.11b/g Minimum / 802.11N / 802.11AC (Normally Std)
• Bluetooth 4.0 (normally std)
• 104 Key Laptop Keyboard (Normally Std)
• HDMI Output
• VGA Output (Normally Std)
• Laptop Battery Life (up to 2 hours Minimum is pretty Std)
• 10.1” - 15.6” (Inch) WXGA Laptop Monitor/ Laptop Screen (Min: 1366 x 768 Resolution. Larger Screen and Higher resolution is better when working long hours on Laptop)
• DVD RW/CD-R Optical Drive (external USB model is also ok if laptop does not include one, Note: a lot of the new models do not included a optical drive)

Software Minimum Specifications:

• Microsoft Windows OS (Win 7 x64; Windows 8.1 x64; Windows 10 x64 – all can be the Home or the Pro/ Business version)
• Latest Microsoft Windows Updates
• Latest Microsoft Office Updates
• Latest laptop HW Driver updates
• Adobe Flash
• Microsoft Silverlight
• Adobe Reader DC
• Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
• Mozilla Firefox (latest Version)
• Google Chrome (latest Version)
• Microsoft Office 2013 (minimum) with Word, Excel, PowerPoint
• Compression Software (7-zip)
• Media Player (Microsoft Windows Media Player / Video LAN VLC Media Player)
• PDF creator software (PDF Creator by PDF Forge )

Available Laptop Brands (South Africa):

• Dell
• Acer
• Apple
• HP (Hewlett Packard)
• Fujitsu
• Lenovo
• Toshiba
• Asus
• LG
• Sony
• Gigabyte
• Samsung
• Pinnacle
• Mecer

It is important for students to note that the UFS will not take responsibility for ensuring that the laptop the student provides is suitable for use in the programme.

Students will be provided the opportunity to buy a laptop through EduloanTM at an exceptionally competitive price through the Student Technology Program (STP). General information is available at http://www.eduloan.co.za/

What if I need help?

It is okay if you need help.  That is part of learning.  Both online tutoring and technology support are included in the ACT programmes. To make progressing through the programme easier, students are instructed in how to access and use the online portal as part of their first module.

How can I feel more confident that the content will give me what I need?

UFS ACT modules have been created and evaluated by experienced South African and international educators.  Furthermore, UFS has a history of working in community schools alongside teachers just like you.

Does online learning really work?

Research shows that students completing online learning programmes have outcomes that are "equal to or better than" those of contact-based students.  

How long does it take to complete an ACT programme online?

The programmes are organised into consecutive 8-week sessions, so that the student can complete them more quickly than other formats. The Foundation Phase and Senior Phase English FAL certificates can each be completed in as few as 18 months, while the Intermediate Phase, with its four areas of focus can be completed in as few as 20 months.

How much do the programmes cost?

Tuition fees for the ACT online programmes are affordable and based on 8-week sessions of R2 435. The student can enroll, and pay for, one 8-week session at a time.

International students pay an annual levy for 2017. The amounts are as follows:

International students (SADC countries): R2 800
International students (non-SADC countries): R4 020

Is financial assistance available to help pay for the programmes? (http://www.eduloan.co.za)

Assistance to pay for the ACT online programmes may be available. Students should inquire about possible assistance from the school district and Provincial Education offices.

What is the application process?

Getting started is easy. The prospective student can apply online by filling out a student profile and then submitting an application to UFS via an online portal. See the  How to Get Started section. 

Why can I not apply with an ECD and/or ABET qualification?

ECD and ABET are not recognised teaching qualifications. Please click on the "Do I qualify" tab on the home page to see the admission requirements.

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