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“IIE/VC/UFS: No new IIE/VC students will be enrolled onto the UFS LLB degree code 3304 in 2017”

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Fiona Kaplin:

This ground-breaking partnership between the UFS and Varsity College provides a collaborative opportunity resulting in Varsity College offering students tuition support for a UFS Bachelor of Law degree which is highly sought after in the legal profession. Varsity College has provided tuition for the UFS Faculty of Law four-year LLB degree through the UFS School of Open Learning since 2013. Tuition for the UFS Bachelor of Laws will take place on seven Varsity College campuses nationwide.

More about the Bachelor of Laws (LLB) of University of Free State (UFS) 

The field of law is inextricably linked with an ethical and moral desire to transform society. A Bachelor of Laws degree is the first step towards practising in the legal world. A law degree also provides exciting opportunities within industry, government and other organisations.  

Who is this degree aimed at?

If you love to read and apply your mind to complex questions of a legal nature, you should consider studying this degree. It will appeal to those who have a strong sense of justice and wish to transform society. It will also appeal to those who like to blend their problem-solving skills with their tenacity in the business or government arena.  

What entry requirements will I need to study this degree?

To be registered as a candidate for this LLB degree you must have met the following admission requirements: 
NSC with Bachelor entry (or the equivalent), have written the NBT AQL test, and have met the admission point AP score of 26 or more. Note, however, that all students with an AP score of 26-27 and/or an NBT AL score of less than 64 will have to attend and complete a compulsory developmental module. 

How and where do I request an academic record and/or letter of good conduct?

Academic records and letters of good conduct are available from Ms Lourette Wilson: wilsonla@ufs.ac.za or +27 86 402 3300 (fax); office number +27 51 505 1342.

If you are 23 years or older at the time of application (with NSC and Bachelor entry or equivalent), have written the NBT AQL, and have not met a M-Score of more than 25 points (or the equivalent), you may apply to UFS for direct entry into the UFS 4-year LLB degree in 2015. UFS will approve these applications on a case-by-case basis; age exemption is not an automatic entry onto the UFS 4-year LLB degree in 2015. An approval process will need to be followed, which is influenced by what you did from leaving school until date of application – a Varsity College Student Advisor at a Varsity College campus of your choice can assist you with this process. Please make an appointment to discuss your application for age exemption as soon as possible.  

Varsity College offers a range of alternatives for you if you do not meet the admission requirements outlined above, including an access route to the 4-year UFS LLB degree for those who still aspire to UFS law studies.  Varsity College provides tuition for the UFS 4-year LLB degree. This degree has a curriculum of forty-nine (49) modules; there are forty-seven (47) compulsory modules and two (2) elective modules. The curriculum for this degree at Varsity College is structured according to the rules as specified by the UFS.

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