UFS Strategic Plan 2018-2022

Strategic Plan
The Strategic Plan of the University of the Free State (UFS) for 2018-2022 was approved by the UFS Council on 22 January 2018. The plan is a commitment by the UFS to distinguish itself over the next five years as an institution based in central South Africa, which will pursue the delivery of excellent quality graduates and knowledge through academic excellence, diversity and inclusivity and through innovative and transformative thought, for the region, the continent, and the globe.

UFS Strategic Plan: 2018-2022

Integrated Transformation Plan
The development of the Integrated Transformation plan (ITP) started in January 2017 when the rectorate, deans, directors, student leadership, union representatives, and members of Council met with the incumbent Rector and Vice-Chancellor to identify the areas of transformation which the UFS needed to focus on, as well as the process going forward. Transformation is not the task of a single individual or even a group of people; transformation is the responsibility of every member of the university community.

Q & A: What is the ITP?

Integrated Transformation Plan

ITP Work Streams:

Core Functions
UFS Integrated Transformation plan Teaching and Learning
Teaching and Learning:
We will develop relevant knowledge with curriculum content that includes local and gobal research.
UFS Integrated Transformation plan Research Internationalisation Innovation
Research, Internationalisation, and Innovation:
We will teach research skills in undergraduate programmes to increase the size and quality of postgraduate programmes and enrolments.
UFS Integrated Transformation plan Engaged Scholarship
Engaged Scholarship:
We will apply our knowledge to our diverse community to help us link local needs and global knowledge.
University Culture
UFS Integrated Transformation plan Student Experience
Student Experience:
We will cultivate a culture where everybody feels welcome and comfortable.
UFS Integrated Transformation plan Student Accommodation Residence Culture
Student Accommodation and Residence Culture:
We will promote an academic residence culture with mentoring systems and accommodating as many students as possible on campus.
UFS Integrated Transformation plan Staff Experience and Composition
Staff Experience and Composition:
We will have a staff culture of high performance and equality.
UFS Integrated Transformation plan  Names Symbols Spaces
Names, Symbols, and Spaces:
Names, symbols, and spaces on campus will show our real commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and social justice.
UFS Integrated Transformation plan Universal Access
Universal Access:
We will create an environment where students with disabilities can experience all aspects of student life equal to their non-disabled peers.
Structural Issues
UFS Integrated Transformation plan Financial Framework
Financial Framework (Size and Shape):
We will continue to source adequate funding to cover our needs and give access to funding for deserving students.
UFS Integrated Transformation plan Governance and Policy
Governance and Policy:
We will revise our Policy Manuals every year to guide and monitor all our processes.
UFS Integrated Transformation plan Governance Systems Administration
Governance: Systems and Administration: 
We will develop fully automated systems with a single line of accountability for student administration across all faculties and campuses.
UFS Integrated Transformation plan Multi-campus Model
Multi-campus Model:
We will maintain the same teaching and learning standards and equity in the provision of resources across all our campuses.
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