Main Entrance: Bloemfontein Campus

The lush green gardens and fountain of Mooimeisiesfontein has been a background image to many Kovsie experiences, celebrations, and blossoming romances. This stunning view is what greets visitors when they enter our Bloemfontein Campus. Legend has it that the area got its name because of the many ladies' residences in close proximity.

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South Block of the Main Building: Bloemfontein Campus

Located between two imposing buildings, Abraham Fischer residence on the left and the Main Building on the right, the South Block is home to the Department of Sociology. Installed in the grass in front of the building, is artist Willem Boshoff's Thinking Stone sculpture, a 20-ton black granite stone. The area has become a popular spot for hosting live music and poetry sessions.

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Bloemfontein Campus: FGG

The area in front of the Flippie Groenewoud Building is a bustling hub of student activity. It's also one of the most serene places on the Bloemfontein Campus. Nestled between lecture halls and the Thakaneng Student Centre, it has leafy walkways with plenty of benches on which to sit and enjoy the surrounding views. The best time to enjoy this beautiful space is late spring.

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Bloemfontein Campus: Main Gate

This modern entrance is the main gateway to a university where things are happening. To get an idea of developments and events at the university, as well as achievements of staff and students, look no further than the billboards outside the gate. As you drive or walk into the campus, you are greeted by seven diamond-shaped columns standing majestically in the middle of the road. The colourful columns symbolise the seven faculties of the UFS.

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Computer Lab: Qwaqwa Campus

The spacious and state of the art computer and media lab on our Qwaqwa Campus in the Eastern Free State boasts 103 work stations and is open from 08:00 to 03:00. During the weekends and holidays, it is open from 08:00 until 18:00.

Description: Computer Lab on our Qwaqwa Campus  Keywords: Computer Lab on our Qwaqwa Campus

Residence Life: Qwaqwa Campus

This colourful and homely environment on our Qwaqwa Campus in the Eastern Free State complements the hard work that takes place in lecture rooms during the day. The residence is a perfect example of modern student life and comprises learning and relaxation spaces.

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Cafeteria: Qwaqwa Campus

Whether it's in between classes or during the lunch hour, this is the place where students converge to have a bite to refuel those hard-working bodies and minds or to have a game or two of pool with their favourite tune blaring in the background. The cafeteria offers more than just food, it's a meeting place!

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Rolihlahla Mandela Hall: Qwaqwa Campus

Carrying the name of arguably the world's best-known statesman, the Rolihlahla Mandela Multi-purpose Hall is where it all happens – graduations, public lectures, Open Days and exhibitions, to mention but a few. The hall was officially opened on 16 April 1999 by the then Deputy President of the Republic, His Excellency Thabo Mbeki.

Description: 02 QwaQwa Campus Big Hall Keywords: 02 QwaQwa Campus Big Hall

Library: Qwaqwa Campus

The library offers a wide range of material to help you with your class tests, projects, research for assignments, etc. There are books, periodicals, video/DVD material for all modules and for enjoyment. Friendly staff is always at hand to help with all your needs.

Description: 02 QwaQwa Campus Library Keywords: 02 QwaQwa Campus Library

Main Building: Bloemfontein Campus

The Main Building on the Bloemfontein Campus is a National Heritage Site and houses the senior leadership of the university. The building was inaugurated on 19 December 1907 and is one of the oldest buildings on campus. The Red Square, the vast paved area stretching in front of it, has become a popular stage for music concerts. Don't be surprised to walk in on an open-air music performance by staff and students from our Odeion School of Music.

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Main Entrance: South Campus

For many this tower on our South Campus in Bloemfontein represents access to education. The School of Open Learning on the campus provides opportunities other than traditional learning in higher education. The school takes programmes and courses to students at off-campus sites around the country and also offers the University Preparation Programme.

Description: Main Entrance, South Campus  Keywords: Main Entrance, South Campus

Spring: South Campus

Visitors to the South Campus always remark on the tranquil and peaceful surroundings, leaving captivated by the campus's unobtrusive charm. Those familiar with the campus will tell you how the bashfulness turns into grandeur when the campus puts on a green jacket during spring.

Description: 03 South Campus - Spring Keywords: 03 South Campus - Spring

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