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JC Steyn en Afrikaans – ’n Viering

This book (edited by Profs Angelique van Niekerk, Hennie van Coller, and Bernard Odendaal) pays tribute to Prof JC Steyn, research fellow and former colleague of Afrikaans and Dutch. Read about the book launch here

Staff members and research fellows of our department are known for their creative outputs. During the last few years, prize-winning publications and translations were done by Profs Henning Pieterse, Naomi Morgan, Hennie van Coller, and Jerzy Koch, as well as Dr Francois Smith and Charl-Pierre Naudé.

Verbintenis en venter (HP van Coller)

This publication gives detailed information on the Dutch literature since it’s beginning up to the present – from the Middle Ages up to 2015. Well-known Dutch academics from South Africa, The Netherlands, Belgium, England, and Poland contribute to 47 profiles of Dutch authors.

Die ongelooflike onskuld van Dirkie Verwey
Prof Angelique en CP Naude
Die ongelooflike onskuld van Dirkie Verwey

Die ongelooflike onskuld van Dirkie Verwey (Charl-Pierre Naudé): The first novel written by the well-known poet, Charl-Pierre Naudé, was published recently. The book launch in Bloemfontein took place on Thursday 31 January in the Centenary Complex. During the launch dr Francois Smith conducted an interview with Naudé. The novel is a result of the MA in Creative Writing in Afrikaans which Naudé completed at the UFS.

Die Ongelooflike Onskuld van Dirkie Verwey is the debut novel by Charl-Pierre Naudé, research fellow in the Department of Afrikaans and Dutch, German and French at the University of the Free State (UFS).

Naudé has published four volumes of poetry and is a poet by profession. Die Ongelooflike Onskuld van Dirkie Verwey is his first leap from poetry to prose. He is also a former winner of the Ingrid Jonker Prize for poetry.

The book, published by Tafelberg, was launched on the UFS Bloemfontein Campus on Thursday 30 January 2019 where Naudé was in conversation with Dr Francois Smit, also from the Department of Afrikaans and Dutch, German and French, during which the two of them attempted to analyse the world of the main characters; however, Naudé did not want to give away too much. ”I think people should read the book,” he said.

Spiritual and physical worlds

"The novel is a first-person narrative told by one of the characters. I wanted to play a certain bluff to determine exactly who the author of this book was,” said Naudé. The book is not totally explicable. “I wanted the reader to feel that it is not absolutely true.”

"The book seeks to combine the spiritual and physical worlds,” said Naudé. Die Ongelooflike Onskuld van Dirkie Verwey is essentially a love story in which the two worlds merge, but nonetheless never mix.

Creative writing course revived

“The book is Charl-Pierre’s creative output which forms part of his creative writing course,” said Head of Department, Prof Angelique van Niekerk. This is the first book published after the revival of the creative writing course at the UFS in 2015 – and what a book to kick off with!

“It is of great importance for our department to have been part of this book,” Dr Smith said.

Read here the article published in Huisgenoot.

Charl-Pierre Naudé with Prof Angelique van Niekerk after launch and discussion of his book

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