4 Februarie 2016

Prof Michael Meeuwis van die Universiteit in Gent lewer ‘n gaslesing:

Connecties tussen Zuid-Afrika en Vlaanderen in verband met de koloniale taalpolitiek in Congo

Prof Meeuwis is 'n bekende taalkundige wat spesialiseer in sosiolinguistiek en taalpolitiek.


Smith in gesprek met Meyer

Dr Francois Smith in gesprek met Deon Meyer oor sy jongste boek, Koors. Die onderhoud is op 10 Augustus by NALN, Bloemfontein, voor ʼn groot skare geesdriftige Deon Meyer-aanhangers gevoer.

Dr Francois Smith in conversation with Deon Meyer on his latest book, Koors. The interview on 10 August was conducted at NALN, Bloemfontein, in front of a huge crowd of enthusiastic Deon Meyer fans.

Microsoft erken Afrikaans

Hier is inligting (ook nuttig vir nie-Afrikaanssprekendes) oor hoe om Microsoft se vertaalfunksie in en uit Afrikaans in MS Word te gebruik:

'Welkom' Afrikaans to Microsoft Translator

Today, Afrikaans joins the list of 50+ text translation languages supported by Microsoft Translator. The language is now, or will soon be available in all Microsoft products with Translation features powered by Microsoft Translator.

Afrikaans is spoken by over 7 million people worldwide as a primary language, with most being concentrated in western South Africa and southern Namibia. It is a derivative of Dutch, which was brought to what is now South Africa, in the 18th century. Over time, it also adopted words from African Bantu and Khoisan languages, and European languages such as Portuguese and German.

Afrikaans will be available in:

  • Microsoft Translator apps for iOS, Android, and Windows 10
  • IM Translation in Skype for Windows desktop
  • Microsoft Office, including Word*, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Visio, and Word Online
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Document Translator
  • Microsoft Translator Web Widget

Developers who use the Microsoft Translator text translation API, now also have access to the new language in their apps and products. You can learn more about integrating the Microsoft Translator text translation API into your app on the Microsoft Translator website.

In addition to the text API, Microsoft Translator recently introduced a speech translation API which can translate speech from eight supported languages (Arabic, Chinese Mandarin, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish) into any of the 50+ text translation languages, now including Afrikaans.

The speech API is the world’s first end-to-end translation API that is optimised for real-life conversations rather than simple human to machine commands. Speech to text translation into Afrikaans could be used for solutions such as real-time presentation translation, customer support or media subtitling.

Learn More:

  • Getting Started with Microsoft Translator
  • Microsoft Translator Apps
  • How does automatic translation work?

*To activate Afrikaans as a text translation language in Word, take the following steps:

  • Click on 'review' then 'translate' and 'translate selected text'. (Note: do not try with the mini-translator or document options, as the update menu is not available from these options.)
  • In the research pane, click on 'get updates to your services' located at the bottom of the research pane
  • Follow the various pop-up Windows prompts:
    • Update
    • Continue
    • Install
    • OK
  • Afrikaans text translation will now be available as a translation language. To learn more about using Translator in Microsoft Word, check out this instructional video on YouTube.


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