Welcome to the Afromontane Research Unit: A continental leader in African mountain research....

The ARU seeks to investigate African mountains as social-ecological systems (SES) in which humans should be seen as part of - not apart from - nature. In this regard, the ARU seeks to address in a transdisciplinary manner - ‘wicked problems’ that affect Southern African mountains, their communities, and the benefits these mountains provide locally and regionally. The ARU seeks to develop a ‘science-policy-action’ pipeline that results in a sustainable future for Southern Africa through appropriate science and action in our mountains.

The ARU encourages the development of projects from the outset, which are at least inter-disciplinary and address at least two of the three pillars of sustainable development: social, economic, and biophysical.

The ARU's current research portfolio is multi-faceted, with numerous projects in progress and new grant applications being developed regularly. A comprehensive research portfolio is available on request.

Contact us

Dr V Ralph Clark 
Director: Afromontane Research Unit
       T: +27 58 718 5407
         E: ClarkVR@ufs.ac.za

Lethiwe Sokhela 
Assistant Officer: Research Development

       T: +27 58 718 5292
             E: SokhelaLN@ufs.ac.za