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Short CV

Prof Merridy Wilson-Strydom completed her MPhil in Development Studies at Oxford University in 2001, on a Rhodes Scholarship. During her time abroad, she spent three months in Germany in the summer of 2000 on a DAAD fellowship at the first International Women’s University that brought together women scholars across disciplines to work on collaborative research projects. Merridy completed her PhD in Higher Education Studies at the University of the Free State in 2013. She started her career at the University of the Witwatersrand and then worked as an educational research consultant for six years prior to joining the University of the Free State in January 2009. She worked in the Directorate for Institutional Research and Academic Planning (DIRAP) from April 2010 to December 2013 where she was the head of monitoring and institutional research. Since January 2014, Merridy has been based in the Centre for Research on Higher Education and Development (CRHED) where she is employed as a Senior Research Fellow. She was selected as one of the Vice-Chancellor`s Prestige Scholars in 2013.

Publications (Short List)


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Book Chapters 

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Peer reviewed journal articles 

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