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    Graphs with the help of data logging software
    Data logging software with electronic sensors is used to investigate the difference between static and kinetic friction force.
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    Problem-solving on a PC Tablet
    The inking capabilities of the PC Tablet offers the opportunity for immediate reflection and feedback during problem solving.
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    Planetarium visit
    The Grade 11 learners visit the Naval Hill Planetarium as a special event to experience a mission to the planet Mars.
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    Learning through Constructivism
    Hands-on experiments gives learners the opportunity to discover physical science concepts for themselves.
  • e-Education
    The Internet as source of information
    After learning about the Doppler Effect in sound waves, learners learn more about the effect observed in light waves from space by watching a video on the internet.

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The ICT Laboratory of the Faculty of Education at the University of the Free State focuses on “e-Education in Science and Mathematics” in the classroom situation. In order to enhance the understanding of Science and Mathematics principles, the advantages of ICT’s (Information and Communication Technologies) are utilised to support effective teaching and learning methodology.

Partnerships between the UFS, the Department of Education and the private sector resulted in several projects.

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