Mrs Igna (I) du Plooy


Internal Box 11
PO Box 339

South Africa


Mrs Igna du Plooy
T: +27 51 401 9064
F: +27 51 444 5465

Short CV

Highest academic qualification: National Higher Diploma: Library and Information Science

Research coordinator:

  • Creates and maintains a faculty profile by compiling and maintaining a research profile of all departments and staff members
  • Creates a database of research outputs and research profiles and keeps it updated; is informed about projects in departments
  • Is informed about research fields within the faculty
  • Is knowledgeable about planned publications of staff members
  • Supports new staff members and provides relevant training where needed
  • Provides information to staff members on a proactive and continuous basis according to the profile
  • Promotes research outputs by providing a support function regarding the collection of information
  • Coordinates the activities of the committee for title registrations and ensures that the forms for title registrations are completed and correct before submission to the committee
  • Involved in applications for financial support
  • Serves on the research committee and is responsible for the secretariat
  • Brings opportunities for publication to the attention of members of the faculty; liaison with the Research Office
  • Keeps the notice board up to date with new outputs on a quarterly basis
  • Assembles and coordinates personalia of the faculty and prepares it for faculty board meetings
  • Liaison with the library service where needed
  • Provides assistance and support to the faculty manager and public relations officer as needed throughout the year, including during the registration process, the Faculty Summit and Research Day
  • Responsible for purchasing and use of videos in the faculty
  • Makes recommendations with regard to book purchases for the Dean’s Office
  • Handles collection of work and projects in the Office of the Dean.



Ms Lizette Pretorius
+27 51 401 2173
+27 51 444 5465


Internal Box 11, UFS
PO Box 339, Bloemfontein, 9300

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