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Giraffes face extinction: 

Donate now to save them!

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

— announced on 8 Dec 2016 that giraffes as a species are threatened with extinction.

Their rate of decline is even faster than that of elephants or rhinos.

A 40% decline in just the last two decades is proof that giraffes are officially now in trouble.

The University of the Free State in South Africa has been on the frontline of this war to save giraffes for the past 30 years. The confirmation by the IUCN that they are in trouble is the final piece of the puzzle.

The University of the Free State is committed to more research in order to reverse this tragedy.

New Projects

  • Ecological and Biological Factors Regulating Giraffe Movements and Fission/Fusion Herd Structures in South Africa - Multi-specialist Giraffe Research Group
  • Creating an awareness documentary series with Discovery Channel about the plight of giraffes, called Last of the Longnecks follow-up documentaries

  • Endangered giraffe survival in Kidepo National Park in Uganda

  • Collection of continent-wide DNA material from giraffe subspecies

  • Collaring and studying the last living giraffe in South Luangwa National Park in Zambia where there are less than 600 remaining giraffes of this isolated subspecies

  • Study into giraffe energy use and gait (locomotion)

  • Investigate giraffe 'infrasound' communication

  • South African Giraffe Conservation Status and management plan

GCR campaign
  Fundraising initiative

  Contact details:

Dr Francois Deacon
  T: +27 51 401 3554
  C: +27 84 579 3004
  E: DeaconF@ufs.ac.za

 Donate via GivenGain

Funding Required:
  • Total for all international projects: $330 000
  • Total for all master's and PhD projects: $115 000
  • Collars for giraffes: $1 900
  • Sponsorship for follow-up film to Last of the Longnecks, documenting the story of the collaring of giraffe by the UFS, the first time such comprehensive collaring has been attempted for giraffe at one time
  • A branded research vehicle
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