Latin: Students are introduced to the Latin language as well as the culture, literature, and history of the Roman civilisation – aspects from which our legal system, governance, the Christian religion, Western literature, art and architecture, and much more eventually evolved.

Legal Language and Culture as a first-year course was specifically designed to assist Law students to understand Roman legal principles and the concept of legal development against the backdrop of Roman constitutional development and culture. It also covers Latin legal phrases still in use, which students will encounter in their legal studies and careers.

Latin Undergraduate Module Information

Please consult the Faculty Undergraduate Rule Book for any prerequisites to these modules.

Lecturers: Prof JC Zietsman, Evert Pistorius

  • CLLT1608: Latin language, literature and cultural background
  • CLLT2608: Advanced Latin language, literature and cultural-historical background
  • CLLT3714: Introduction to Latin literature of the Golden Age
  • CLLT3724: Introduction to Latin literature of the Silver Age
  • CLLT3734: Introduction to Latin rhetoric
  • CLLT3744: Research methodology for classical languages: Latin


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