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Short CV

Annéli Machin is currently a lecturer in the Department of Greek, Latin and Classical Studies. She is responsible for all undergraduate and honours Greek modules and also enrolled for her PhD (on Greek rhetoric and John Chrysostom) at the University of Pretoria.

Employment record (University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, SA)

Since October 2014: Lecturer (Greek)

2009 - 2014 (Sept): Junior Lecturer (Greek)

2007 - 2008: Tutor & Part-time lecturer (Greek)

2004 - 2008: Programme Coordinator & Officer (Language Practice)

Academic qualifications (University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, SA)

M.A. Higher Education Studies & Greek (cum laude) - 2011

Title: An innovative approach to the teaching and learning of Hellenistic Greek as a classical language: Planning and validation

B.A. Hons. (Language Studies) - Greek (cum laude) - 2007

Baccalaureus Theologiae (with: Greek III & Hebrew III) (cum laude) - 2006

Diploma in Specialised Education (Remedial Education) (cum laude) - 1997

Higher Education Diploma (Postgraduate) (H.E.D.) (cum laude) - 1996

B.A. (Human Movement Science) - 1994

Additional modules: Programme Planning & Development / Design of Study Material & Learning Facilitation and Assessment / Evaluation (distinctions) - 2010 & 2009; Latin I & II (distinctions) - 2008

Publications & Conference papers

2014: Journal for Language Teaching 48(1), ISSN 0259-9570

Innovative teaching and learning of biblical Greek: A contextualized application of Fink’s taxonomy of significant learning. (Annéli Machin & Annette Wilkinson)

2012: HELTASA 2012 Conference (Stellenbosch 28-30 November 2012)

Theme: ‘Higher Education that matters to Society that matters to Higher Education …`

Title of paper: Teaching to change society: Innovative teaching and significant learning in a Greek classroom

2012: SAALA/LSSA/SAALT 2012 Conference (Bloemfontein 25-29 June 2012)

Theme: `Diversity and Complexity`

Title of paper: Contemporary students becoming self-directed (life-long) learners of Ancient Greek: An innovative approach

2011: 29th Biennial conference of the Classical Society of South Africa (Grahamstown)

Title of paper: Innovative Teaching of Sport Metaphors in the Greek New Testament with Reference to 1 Corinthians 9:24-27

2010: UV prestige forum

Title of paper: Innovative teaching and learning of Hellenistic Greek: a road map to life-long learning captivity

2010: HES prestige forum

Title of paper: Teaching and learning of Hellenistic Greek: a road map to life-long learning captivity

Areas of interest & expertise

Hellenistic & Classical Greek (Greek grammar, literature, translation, rhetoric); Innovative teaching and learning approaches; Blended learning & E-learning

Modules (to present in 2015)

CLGR1508: New Testament Greek language and cultural-historical background (32 credits)

CLGR2608: Hellenistic Greek language and literature (32 credits)

CLGR3714: Hellenistic Greek literature with applied semantics and stylistics (16 credits)

CLGR3724: Classical Greek language and literature (16 credits)

CSLR3734: Classical literature and rhetoric (16 credits)

Modules (presented in 2014)

GRK 114: Introduction to New Testament Greek (16 credits)

GRK 124: Continuation of New Testament Greek (16 credits)

GRK 214: Reading from Greek texts (Hellenistic) (16 credits)

GRK 224: Reading from Greek texts (Hellenistic and/or Classical) (16 credits)

GRK 314: Greek reading: Hellenistic texts (16 credits)

GRK 324: Greek reading: Classical texts (16 credits)

GRK 602: Rhetoric (32 credits)

GRK 603: Epic (32 credits)

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