Xany Jansen van Vuuren

Research interests: Simultaneous  Interpreting, Community Interpreting, Non-professional Interpreting, Semiotics, Post-humanist theory



Kobus Marais

Associate Professor

Research interests: translation studies, semiotics, intersemiotic translation, translation and development




Monnapula Molefe
Junior Lecturer

Research interests: community translation, community interpreting, terminology development, translanguaging and human development theory


Kristina Riedel
Senior Lecturer
Head of Department

Research interests: syntax & morphology, field linguistics, Bantu languages




Marlie van Rooyen

PhD candidate in Translation Studies
University of Leuven, Belgium
Thesis: The role or position of translation in community radio news in the Free State
Supervisor: Prof Luc van Doorslaer
In South Africa, various forms of news media contribute to the dissemination of information to citizens of the country. It is especially on community radio level that multilingualism (and therefore the need for translation) plays an important role. On-going research into news translation shows that the act of interlingual translation is only one of many elements in the construction of news items. However, various forms of intralingual translation are also evident, e.g. editing, rewriting, transferring, transforming, reshaping and repackaging of news in a new context. This in turn, contributes to debates on whether a source (text or texts) ever existed and therefore challenges the boundaries of the definition of translation. News translation thus adds to the debate on what “an original text” might be. The aim of this project is to investigate the role / position of translation in South African community radio newsrooms in order to describe, understand and explain the following aspects: the news translation production process (including the situational translation practices and activities); the translation product(s); and the translation actors

Main research question: What is the role / position of translation in a South African community radio newsroom with multilingual characteristics?

The sub-questions are the following:

• What kind of multilingual flows and production processes can we detect between the source text(s) and target text(s), and what is the role of translation therein?
• What is the nature of the sociological translation activities in the process to produce news in community radio?
• What is the role of the actors (human and non-human) in the news translation production process?
• Does multilingualism in community radio programming and news serve as a vehicle of development and if so, how?

Junior Lecturer

Monnapula Molefe
Junior Lecturer

Monnapula Molefe
Junior Lecturer


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Katlego Mabulana: +27 51 401 2495
Juanita Hlongwane: +27 51 401 3269

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