Research Publications


2017 PUBLICATIONS (Preliminary list)

  1. Books

    Coysh, J (2017). Human Rights Education and the Politics of Knowledge. Taylor & Francis.


    Grider, JT (2017). "A foreign voyage": Pacific Maritime Labor Identity, 1840-1890.


  2. Journal articles

    Bazirake, J. B. (2017). The Contemporary Global Refugee Crisis. Peace Review29(1), 61-67.

    Bekerman, Z., & Zembylas, M. (2017). Engaging with religious epistemologies in the classroom: Implications for civic education. Research in Comparative and International Education12(1), 127-139.

    Bozalek, V., & Zembylas, M. (2017). Diffraction or reflection? Sketching the contours of two methodologies in educational research. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education30(2), 111-127.

    Hatcher, R. (2017). “The Work… of a Thousand Different Hands” Holding a Thousand Cans of Spray Paint and Buckets of Glue. The Public Historian,39(1), 10-34.

    Zembylas, M. (2017). Higher education for the public good in post-conflict societies–curricular justice and pedagogical demands: a response from Cyprus and South Africa. Higher Education Research & Development36(1), 36-42.

    Zembylas, M. (2017). Love as ethico-political practice: Inventing reparative pedagogies of aimance in “disjointed” times. Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy14(1), 23-38.

    Zembylas, M. (2017). The contribution of the ontological turn in education: Some methodological and political implications. Educational Philosophy and Theory, 1-14.

    Zembylas, M., & Iasonos, S. (2017). Social justice leadership in multicultural schools: The case of an ethnically divided society. International Journal of Leadership in Education20(1), 1-25.


  3. Book chapters

Suransky, C. (2017). Humanistic Education for Teaching in a Globalizing World. In Socially Just Pedagogies, Capabilities and Quality in Higher Education (pp. 109-128). Palgrave Macmillan UK.

Tate, S. A. (2017). Skin: Post-feminist Bleaching Culture and the Political Vulnerability of Blackness. In Aesthetic Labour (pp. 199-213). Palgrave Macmillan UK.

Tibbitts, F., & Keet, A. (2017). Curriculum Reform in Transitional Justice Environments: The South African Human Rights Commission, Human Rights Education and the Schooling Sector. In Globalisation, Human Rights Education and Reforms (pp. 87-109). Springer Netherlands.

Zembylas, M., & Bekerman, Z. (2017). Some Reflections on Critical Peace Education. Pedagogy, Politics and Philosophy of Peace: Interrogating Peace and Peacemaking, 147.


1. Andre Keet
Prof Andre Keet Research Publications


2. Panday, P (2014). Bangladesh, India, and Fifteen years of peace: Future directions of the Ganges treaty. Asian Survey, 54(4):651-673 


3. Suransky, C, and Van der Merwe, JC (2014). Transcending Apartheid in Higher education: Transforming an institutional culture. Race, Ethnicity and Education, DOI: 10.1080/13613324.2014.946487

4. Tate, S (2014). ‘I can’t quite put my finger on it’: Racism’s touch. Ethnicities, 0(0):1-18

5. Van Reenen, D (2014). Is this really what women want? An analysis of Fifty Shades of Grey and modern feminist thought. South African Journal of Philosophy, 33(2):223-233

6. Williams, C (2014). Refugees and social theory: from the politics of ‘bare life’ to refugees as political subjects. Acta Academica Special Issue: Social Theory, Human Rights and Philosophy, 46(4):117-131

7. Zembylas, M, Bozalek, V, and Shefer, T (2014). Tronto’s notion of privileged irresponsibility and the reconceptualisation of care: implications for critical pedagogies of emotion in higher education. Gender and Education, 26(3):200-214

8. Zembylas, M, and Bozalek, V (2014). A critical engagement with the social and political consequences of human rights: the contribution of the affective turn and posthumanism. Acta Academica Special Issue: Social Theory, Human Rights and Philosophy, 46(4):29-47


2015 Books

Kossler, R (2015). Namibia & Germany: Negotiating the past. UNAM Press.

Tate, S & Law, I (2015). Caribbean Racisms. Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan

Tate, S (2015). Black Women's Bodies and the Nation: Race, Gender and Culture. Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan.

Williams, C. (2015). National Liberation in Post-Colonial Southern Africa: An Historical Ethnography of SWAPO’s Exile Camps. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Zembylas, M. (2015). Emotion and traumatic conflict: Re-claiming healing in education. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Tate, S. (2015). 'Transracial intimacy and “race” performativity'. In E. Nedekopoulou et al. (ed). Performance and Phenomenology: Traditions and Transformations. London: Routledge.


2015 Journal articles

Bazirake, JB & Aderajew, ES. (2015). Volunteer tourism among African Youth: An Analysis of the Prospects, Challenges, and Opportunities. The International Journal of Organisational Diversity, 14:4, 1-10. 

Bazirake, J. B., & Bukuluki, P. (2015). A critical reflection on the conceptual and practical limitations of the responsibility to protect. The International Journal of Human Rights19(8), 1017-1028.

Canlas, M, Argenal, A & Bajaj, M. (2015). Teaching Human Rights from Below: Towards Solidarity, Resistance and Social Justice. Radical teacher, 103, 38-46. DOI: 10.5195/rt.2015.226

Darnell, S.C. and Kaur, T. (2015) ‘C.L.R. James and a place for history in theorising ‘sport for development and peace’’, Int. J. Sport Management and Marketing, Vol. 16, Nos. 1/2, pp.5–17.

Henebury, A. & Alsheh, Y. (2015) Silence after Violence and the Imperative to Speak Out. Acta Academica 47:1, 1-17.

Henebury, A. (2015). ‘Das Böse muss raus’: Witnessing and Testimony in Günter Grass’sIm Krebsgang. German Life and Letters, 68:1, 88-105.

Keet, A. (2015). It is time: Critical Human Rights in an Age of Counter-hegemonic Distrust. Education as Change, 19:3, 46-64, DOI: 10.1080/16823206.2015.1085621.

Tibbitts, F. (2015). Women’s Human Rights Education in Turkey: Feminist Pedagogy and Trainer’s Engagement in Social  Change.  Journal of Peace Education. (

Williams, C., & Gordon, R. (2015). “Conclusion: What is telling ‘if telling is all there is?” Acta Academica, 47:1, 266-273.

Zembylas, M & Iasonos, S. (2015). Social justice leadership in multicultural schools: The case of an ethnically divided society. International Journal of Leadership in Education.

Zembylas, M (2015). Exploring the implications of citizenship-as-equality in critical citizenship education. Democracy & Education, 23(1), 1-6.

Zembylas, M. (2015). Rethinking race and racism as technologies of affect: theorizing the implications for anti-racist politics and practice in education. Race. Ethnicity and Education, 18:2, 145-162, DOI: 10.1080/13613324.2014.946492.


2015 Book chapters

Keet, A. (2015). Rethinking the ‘social’ in the social justice mandate of social work in post-conflict societies. In Franger, G & Lohrenscheit, C. (eds). Peacebuilding-Gender-Social work. Oldernberg: Paulo Freire Verlag.

Tate, S. (2015). Performativity and “raced” bodies’ in Murji, K. and Solomons, J (eds). Theories of race and ethnicity. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge.

Tate. S  (2015). 'Are we all Creoles? “Sable-Saffron Venus”, Rachel Christie and Aesthetic Creolization'. Tate, S & Gutierrez Rodriguez, E. (eds). (2015).

Zembylas, M., Hattam, R., & Lanas, M. (2015). Towards pedagogies of senseless kindness in critical education. In P. L. Thomas, P. R. Carr, J. Gorlewski, & B. Porfilio (Eds.). Pedagogies of kindness and respect: On the lives and education of children ( pp 293-306). New York: Peter Lang


2014 Journal articles

Keet, A. (2014). Epistemic'othering'and the decolonisation of knowledge.Africa Insight44(1), 23-37.

Keet, A. (2014). Plastic knowledges: Transformations and stagnations in the Humanities. Alternation21(2), 99-121.

Keet, A. (2014). Plasticity, critical hope and the regeneration of human rights education. Discerning critical hope in educational practices, 69-81.

Keet, A. (2014). Refractions: social theory, human rights and philosophy.Acta Academica46(4), 132-158.

Keet, A. (2014). Spectacle and spectators: higher education and the'disappearance'of democracy: Part 1: exploration of the critical relationship between higher education and the development of democracy in South Africa. South African Journal of Higher Education28(3), 849-865.

Pandey, Punam. (2014) "Bangladesh, India, and Fifteen Years of Peace." Asian Survey, 54 (4), 651-673.

Van Reenen, D. (2014). Is this really what women want? An analysis of Fifty Shades of Grey and modern feminist thought. South African Journal of Philosophy33(2), 223-233

Williams, C. (2014). Refugees and social theory: from the politics of. Acta Academica46(4), 117-131.

Williams, C. A. (2014). Practicing pan-Africanism: an anthropological perspective on exile-host relations at Kongwa, Tanzania. Anthropology Southern Africa37(3-4), 223-238.

Zembylas, M., & Bozalek, V. (2014). A critical engagement with the social and political consequences of human rights: The contribution of the affective turn and posthumanism. Acta Academica46(4), 29-47.

Zembylas, M., Bozalek, V., & Shefer, T. (2014). Tronto's notion of privileged irresponsibility and the reconceptualisation of care: implications for critical pedagogies of emotion in higher education. Gender and Education26(3), 200-214.


2013 Journal articles

Van der Westhuizen, C (2013). Still Pink and Pale:  Postcolonial Subjectivities at the Intersections of Femininity, Whiteness, Middle-Classness and Heterosexuality in South Africa. In Violent and Vulnerable performances:  Challenging the Gender Boundaries of Masculinities and Femininities


2012 Journal articles

Keet, A., & Carolissen, R. (2012). Rethinking citizenship and social justice in education. Perspectives in Education30(4), I-II.

M. Blaser, T., & Van der Westhuizen, C. (2012). Introduction: the paradox of post-apartheid ‘Afrikaner’identity: deployments of ethnicity and neo-liberalism. African Studies, 71(3), 380-390.

2012 Book chpaters

Keet, A. (2012). Discourse, betrayal, critique. in C. Roux (ed.), Safe Spaces:  Human Rights Education in Diverse Contexts, Netherlands, Rotterdam:  Sense Publishers. (pp. 7-27).