Jennifer Chansa

Jennifer holds a BA degree in History and Library and Information Studies from the University of Zambia, and a MA in African Studies from the University of Basel. Her MA thesis 'The “Urbanization” of Colonial Mine Labor in Zambia: An Analysis on the Godfrey Wilson Papers on Broken Hill Mine (1938-1941)' drew largely from Wilson’s original field notes and lends a new perspective to his anthropological contribution to the study of Zambian labour history. 

Her current research, entitled 'State, Mining Companies and Communities: A History of Environmental Pollution in Zambia (1964 to the present)', focuses on environmental pollution and the regulation of the mining industry within the country’s 'old' Copperbelt and 'new' (North-western) Copperbelt mining regions. Prior to her PhD, Jennifer taught various African history courses at the University of Zambia.

Jennifer’s research interests include mining, labour and environmental history; as well as African anthropology.


2012-2014: Stipendium für Nachwuchskräfte aus Entwicklungsländern des Kantons Basel-Stadt

2013: Josef und Olga Tomcsik-Stiftung

2013: Fritz Sarasin-Stiftung

2013: Stiftung für Theologische und Philosophische Studien

2013: Differenzstipendium

2017: International Studies Group PhD Scholarship (University of the Free State)