Bryson Nkhoma
Bryson Nkhoma
Thesis title: Peasants, Ecology and the State:  Food security in the Lake Chilwa basin of Southern Malawi, 1891-2015
Brief description of research interests: Colonial and Post-colonial Archives, Zambian Historiography


Kundai Manamere
Thesis title: African experiences with malaria in the south eastern lowveld of Zimbabwe, 1920- 2011.
Brief description of research interests: Malaria, disease control, epidemiology, migration.
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Helen Garnett edited

Helen Garnett
Thesis title: ‘Development Planning in Zambia; knowledge transfer and the role of volunteer planners’.
Brief description of research interests: Planning, urban and rural development, international development, postcolonial Zambia, knowledge and policy transfer.


Abraham Mlombo
Thesis title: South African and Rhodesian relations, 1890-1980: Settler relations in an Africa Setting.
Brief description of research interests: Heritage, social and cultural characteristics, tradition, colonial communities.

Hyden Munene edited

Hyden Munene
Thesis title: ‘The Impact of Nationalisation of Mining in Zambia. A Case Study of Nkana (Rhokana) Mine from 1970 to 1990’.
Brief description of research interests: Nationalisation; mining, colonial and post-colonial Zambia; economic and labour history.


Musiwaro Ndakaripa
Thesis title: State, Civil Society and the Politics of Economic Indigenisation in Zimbabwe, 1980 to 2015.
Brief description of research interests: Economic indigenisation, economic interest groups, civil society, sanctions.
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Unaludo Sechele
Unaludo Sechele
Thesis title: Botswana- South Africa Economic Relations: A History 1966-2014
Brief description of research interests: International relations/ diplomacy, economic development, labour migration
Eleanor Bron
Eleanor Bron
Thesis title: South Africa's 1960 Republic Referendum: Propaganda and the Making of Minority White Identities
Brief description of research interests: Twentieth century South African history, culture and identity, media and propaganda, portrayal of Africa in South African during apartheid
Miyanda Simabwachi
Miyanda Simabwachi
Thesis title: The Construction of Archives and Production of Historical Knowledge:  A history of archives in Zambia, 1890-2016
Brief description of research interests: colonial and post-colonial archives, Zambian historiography

Joseph Kachim
Thesis title: Mobility, Belonging and the Konkomba Diaspora in Northern Ghana, 1914 - 1995
Sibanengi Ncube
Thesis title: The (Mis)Fortunes of Colonial Zimbabwe’s Tobacco Industry: Global, regional and local relations, 1947-1979
Victor Gwande
Thesis title: Organised Industry and the State in Zimbabwe, 1939–2000
Lotti Nkoma
Thesis title: Zimbabwe-South Africa Political Relations, 1980–2008
Joyline Kufandirori
Thesis title: Land Use, Property, the State and New Farmers: The Fast Track Land Reform Programme (FTLRP), Zimbabwe, 2000–2015. The Case of Mashonaland Central Province.

George Bishi
Thesis title: Kith and Kin? White Rhodesia's settlers and Britain, 1923–1980

Jennifer Chansa

Tawanda Chambwe