Dr Sarah Frank


Sarah Frank is a social historian of the French Empire and the Second World War, with a specific focus on captivity. She received her PhD (History) from Trinity College, Dublin in 2015. She also holds an MPhil in Modern Irish History from Trinity College, Dublin, and a BA in French and History from Hamilton College, Clinton, NY. The Irish Research Council funded her doctoral research entitled ‘Colonial prisoners of war and Vichy France, 1940-1942: experiences and politics’. Her current research is a social and political history of the demobilisation and repatriation of colonial soldiers after the Second World War. This project examines the consequences of the war on a local level through the soldiers’ reintegration into their families and communities, and on a global level through incidents of violence involving ex-soldiers across the French and British Empires.

Dr Chris Holdridge

Chris Holdridge is an historian of British imperialism, with a particular interest in the politics of carceral spaces within Britain's settler colonies during the long nineteenth century. He holds an MA in historical studies from the University of Cape Town completed as a Mandela Rhodes scholar, and was awarded a PhD from the University of Sydney in 2015 for a dissertation on the relationship between the end of convict transportation and popular politics in the Australian and Cape colonies. In addition to working on a monograph on this subject, he is collaborating with Wm Matthew Kennedy (Monash) on a project examining the incarceration of 30 000 Boer POWs in India, Ceylon, St Helena, and Bermuda during the South African War of 1899–1902. He is an NRF Scarce Skills Postdoctoral Fellow at the ISG, University of the Free State, as well as an Adjunct Research Fellow at Monash University, Australia.
For further information, please visit https://ufs.academia.edu/ChrisHoldridge.

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Dr Lindie Koorts

Lindie Koorts’s research interests range from twentieth-century Afrikaner nationalism and biography to the history of networks and the nineteenth-century Witwatersrand. She has published a biography of DF Malan (http://www.tafelberg.com/Books/16369), the first post-1994 biography of an apartheid premier, which also traces various dimensions of the rise of Afrikaner nationalism in the first half of the twentieth century. She is currently investigating networks as a means of exerting influence, be it political or economic, by researching the formal and informal relationships between the Randlords and Paul Kruger’s ZAR. These networks range from kinship and social relations, to business partnerships and political alliances. It also has a transnational dimension, as the networks in question drew on relations that stretched across Southern Africa, the United Kingdom, and Europe, which situates the Transvaal in the broader context of nineteenth-century globalisation.
For further information, please visit https://ufs.academia.edu/LindieKoorts.

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Dr Clement Masakure

Clement Masakure graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2012. He is currently preparing/reworking his PhD dissertation (which focuses on the history of African nurses in colonial and postcolonial Zimbabwe) for publication. Masakure is interested in the history of health in Zimbabwe.

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Dr Duncan Money

Duncan Money is a historian of Central and Southern Africa, with a particular focus on the history of the mining industry. He was awarded his PhD in 2016 from the University of Oxford for his thesis on a social history of European migrants on the Zambian Copper Belt. He also holds a BA in History and Politics from Oxford and an MA in African and Asian History from SOAS. Duncan has taught widely on African history and global history at Oxford and Stanford. His current research focuses on preparing his doctoral dissertation as a monograph and beginning a project on a comparative history of mining regions in Southern Africa.

Dr Admire Mseba

Admire Mseba was trained as a historian of Sub-Saharan Africa (with secondary fields in the histories of modern Latin America and Africa’s interaction with the Indian Ocean World) at the University of Iowa. He received his PhD in 2015. Admire has research interests in the agrarian, socio-environmental and economic history of Southern and Central Africa. He is currently revising his thesis on social relations, power, and access to land in precolonial and colonial northeastern Zimbabwe into a book. He has also begun research on politics, environmental control and inter-territorial cooperation in late colonial and postcolonial Southern and Central Africa. In addition, Admire has retained his interests in his earlier training in African economic history and is the author of works on the politics of monetary regulation in colonial Zimbabwe.

Dr Tinashe Nyamunda

Tinashe Nyamunda's research lies in the financial history of Southern Africa, with a particular focus on late colonial Zimbabwe (Rhodesia). He is also interested in more contemporary histories of the informal economy, and in Zimbabwe's diamond mining industry.
For further information, please visit https://ufs.academia.edu/TinasheNyamunda

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Dr David Patrick

David Patrick received his PhD (History) from the University of Sheffield in 2014, for his thesis: 'Framing Disinterest: Anglo-American Press Responses to the Holocaust, Bosnia, and Rwanda.' His primary research interests are responses to genocide and mass violence, and the framing (of various issues) within the Anglo-American press. He is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of the Free State, and is researching British newspapers and their framing of this year’s referendum on Scottish independence. For his undergraduate dissertation, he received the Ben Pimlott Award for Contemporary History (2007).

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Dr Rory Pilossof

Rory Pilossof is currently a postdoctoral fellow in the Centre for Africa Studies at the University of the Free State. Prior to his appointment in Bloemfontein, Dr Pilossof was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Pretoria from 2011 to 2012. He completed his doctoral studies at the University of Sheffield. Whilst at the University of Sheffield, Dr Pilossof also obtained a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education to complement his honours and undergraduate degrees from the University of Cape Town. Dr Pilossof is also currently the regional representative for Southern Africa for the International Institute of Social History (Amsterdam). His research interests include discourse and identity, land control and reform, and mass violence and trauma, all with a strong focus on the contemporary history of Southern Africa.

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Dr Daniel Owen Spence

Daniel Owen Spence is a historian of the late British Empire. Utilising a transnational maritime approach, his research elucidates the role of colonial navalism in propagating imperial ideologies and reinforcing British power, its impact upon indigenous societies, cultures and identities, and the influence of naval development on decolonisation, post-colonial politics, Commonwealth relations, and nation-building. He holds a PhD from Sheffield Hallam University and an Innovation Scholarship from the National Research Foundation of South Africa, and he is a visiting fellow of Leiden University's African Studies Centre. He has conducted archival and oral historical research in Kenya, Zanzibar, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Trinidad, the Cayman Islands, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and the United Kingdom.

Dr Ana Stevenson

Ana Stevenson received her PhD from the University of Queensland, Australia, in 2015 for her thesis, 'The Woman-Slave Analogy: Rhetorical Foundations in American Culture, 1830-1900.' A feminist historian of social movements, Ana’s work spans the antislavery and women’s rights movements of the nineteenth century to the women’s liberation and anti-racist movements of the twentieth century. Ana co-convenes a digital humanities website, The Suffrage Postcard Project, with Kristin Allukian (University of South Florida). During her postdoctoral fellowship, Ana is reworking her PhD thesis into a book and beginning a new project on the transnational rhetoric of women’s liberation in the United States, Australasia, and South Africa.
For further information, please visit https://ufs.academia.edu/AnaStevenson.

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Dr Danelle van Zyl-Hermann

Danelle van Zyl-Hermann is a historian of twentieth century South Africa, with a specific interest in the enmeshment of race and class in the constitution of South African identities and experiences during this period.  She studied at the Universities of Stellenbosch, Tübingen, and Leiden, before reading for her PhD in History at the University of Cambridge as a Gates Cambridge scholar. As a postdoctoral research fellow at the UFS, Danelle is expanding her PhD dissertation on white working-class experiences of the breakdown of racially privileged citizenship in South Africa for publication as a monograph.
For further information on Danelle’s research and publications, please visit https://ufs.academia.edu/DanellevanZylHermann.

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Dr Jack Hogan 

Jack Hogan received his PhD from the University of Kent in 2014 for his thesis 'The Ends of Slavery in Barotseland, Western Zambia (c.1800‐1925)'. His primary research interests are the economic and social history of precolonial and early colonial Central and Southern Africa, although he is also the author of pieces on vernacular ethnohistory, Zambian politics in the twentieth century, and the Anglo‐Zulu War. He is presently revising and expanding his doctoral thesis for publication.

Dr Lazlo Passemiers

Lazlo Passemiers completed his PhD in Africa Studies at the University of the Free State in 2016. His thesis is titled ‘South Africa and the “Congo crisis”: 1960-1965’. Lazlo is a historian of Sub-Saharan Africa and his research interests include: diplomatic history, social history, the history of liberation movements, Cold War studies, and regional studies. He is presently revising his PhD thesis for publication. For further information on Lazlo's research and publications, please visit https://ufs.academia.edu/LazloPassemiers

Dr Anusa Daimon

Dr Matteo Grilli

Dr Ivo Mhike

Dr Hlengiwe Dlamini