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    Meet our new #KovsieCyberSta’s

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    Farewell to our #FaceOfFacebook
    We bid farewell to Reuben Davids, our current #FaceOfFacebook digital ambassador.
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    Prof Petersen talks to students

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    SRC President to advocate for all students during his term
    New student leaders for UFS.
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Notice Board

INVITATION to all students - FREE ENTRY to:

The Institute for Reconciliation and Social Justice (IRSJ), in collaboration with the Office for Student Leadership Development, invites all students to attend the play by Troy Myeni and Corlea Klopper as indicated below:

Date:     9, 10, or 11 May 2017
Times:  18:00, additional show on 10 May at 14:00
Venue:  Albert Wessels Auditorium
Tickets: FREE

Free tickets can be collected at Student Affairs, Steve Biko Building - Reception Desk or the Arts and Culture Office from 3 May 2017.

Staff members of the IRSJ, along with the director/actors of the play, will facilitate a discussion on the piece as part of the Leadership Development Training series. This will be Session 6, entitled Understanding and Appreciating Difference”.

Date:    16 May 2017
Time:   18:15-19:45
Venue: Stabilis 2


Date:    17 May 2017
Centenary Hall, Centenary Complex

It promises to be a provocative and humorous drama followed by a topical and lively discussion, focusing on democracy and pluralism.

Hope to see you there!

Office for Student Leadership Development, Student Affairs
E: pelserr@ufs.ac.za    /   maranyanem@ufs.ac.za
T: +27 51 401 9087/5


Tuition Fee Account

Remember to settle your Tuition Fee Account for the FIRST SEMESTER, which were payable 31 March 2017.

Leadership Development Training - 2017

Attention KOVSIES!
Are you a current or potential LEADER?
Join us for essential and dynamic LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT TRAINING!

KPMG hotline to combat corruption and fraud at UFS

Tuition Fee Account

Remember to settle your Tuition Fee Account in FULL to view your results. Thank you.

UFS amends formula for the allocation of merit bursaries

Prospective and current students encouraged to excel academically.

The University of the Free State (UFS) has amended the formula for the allocation of academic merit bursaries. The decision to amend the allocation was taken, inter alia, to encourage prospective and current students to excel academically.

Regarding new first-year students, academic merit bursaries will be awarded as follows as from 2016:

Admission Point 38 − 41 or M-score of 43 − 46 = R5 050

Admission Point 42 or M-score of 47 = R7 850

Admission Point 43+ or M-score of 48 = R13 500

Regarding senior undergraduate and postgraduate students, the calculation factor used for the calculation of academic merit bursary amounts will be amended at the end of 2015 from .80 to .50 for 2016.


Purchasing with Student Card

Where meals, books and computer items can be purchased with your student card

Protecting you and the campus

Protecting you and the campus is the main objective of Protection Services. This includes ensuring the safety of your electronic devices. From the beginning of the third term, cellphones, laptops, and tablets can be engraved with your personal details. The new high-tech engraving machine will be launched at the Student Centre on the Thakaneng Bridge, and will henceforth be available at Protection Services during office hours.

You need to present a student card and identity document to access the service.

For more information, contact Mr Mokgawa Kobe on 051 401 3438 051 401 3438.

New student card - eduxtras

How to apply: The Finance Department will be issuing a new student card in 2015: the eduxtras card. ONLY the following persons need to apply for this card: 1. New students who don’t have a card (issued free of charge) 2. Students using their cards to buy meals and books (old card exchanged for new card free of charge) 3. Students who lost their cards (R65 payable) Get your card at:

1. Bloemfontein Campus: Examination Hall 5 or Thakaneng Bridge

2. Qwaqwa Campus: Student Card Office

Enquire telephonically at 051 401 2799 or 051 401 3337 or send an email to: klasgelde@ufs.ac.za or tuitionfees@ufs.ac.za

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