Name of SLP: Executive Development Programme
SLP Code: EXDP1800S


Short Description of the SLP: Although change in the twenty-first century is discontinuous, abrupt, and seditious, it does not mean that we must stop the search for and implementation of timeless principles into our personal and enterprise levels and, in so doing, position ourselves for the pursuit of long-term performance and competitiveness. The tasks of managers and leaders have become more complex and challenging than ever, and finding clear-cut "answers" is almost impossible.
The programme therefore creates awareness of the disruptive and ever-changing age we live in and confronts the participant with the enormous complexity and challenges that management and leadership face in the twenty-first century, especially in relation with innovation, repositioning and change management.
Admission Requirements:

Admission into this short learning programme is subject to the General Institutional Rules and Regulations for First Qualifications and the specific requirements of the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences. Prospective candidates must be in possession of a National Senior Certificate (NSC), or the National Certificate (Vocational), with appropriate subject combinations and levels of achievement as defined in the Minister's policies: Minimum Admission Requirements for Higher Certificate, Diploma and Bachelor's Degree Programmes Requiring a National Senior Certificate, Government Gazette, Vol 751, No 32131 of 11 July 2008 and Minimum Admission Requirements for Higher Certificate, Diploma and Bachelor's Degree Programmes requiring a National Certificate (Vocational), published in the Government Gazette, Vol. 533, No. 32743, November 2009.

Learning Duration: 10 Months
Costs: R40 900,00
Language of Tuition:English
Mode of Delivery: Blended learning between Face to Face and Online
Campus: Bloemfontein
Learning Level: 8
Dates of Programme: March - November 2022
Nature of Programme: Competence
RPL towards the Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration is possible
Programme Structure:

On completion of the programme, participants will be able to:
• Identify personal leadership goals supported by practical action plans;
• Recognise complex systems and how change in the external environment influence the strategic choices of  organisations;
• Employ innovation and change from a strategic perspective;
• Operate in an ever complex stakeholder environment for business results

Assessments: The assessment framework is structured as follows:
a) Formative
- Assignment (Individual Action Learning Project)
- A reflection journal to diarise personal insights and learnings
b) Summative Assessment
- Final Assessment: Action Learning Project Report (Group)
c) Presentation (Group)


Academic Entity: UFS Business School
Contact Person: Ansie Barnard
Telephone: +27 51 401 3204 / +27 82 900 1080

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