Africa Environment Outlook 2 – Our Environment, Our Wealth (AEO-2) profiles Africa’s environmental resources as an asset for the region’s development. The report highlights the opportunities presented by the natural resource base to support development and the objectives of the African Union (AU) and the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD). The report underscores the need for sustainable livelihoods, and the importance of environmental initiatives in supporting them. Emphasis is put on what should and could be done with existing (remaining) environmental assets in the context of identified constraints (issues), rather than focusing on what has been already lost.

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Agriculture and Food Production: Quo Vadis – What are the options to feed the world while sustaining the production base?

by: Dr Hans R Herren, President of the Millennium Institute, Laureate: World Food Prize 1995, Kilby Award 1995, Brandenberger Prize 2002, Tyler Prize 2003, Foreign Associate of the US Academy of Sciences 1999, President of Biovision, President, International Association of Plant Protection Sciences.

Environment on the Edge is a series of lectures given by leading international figures, which examine our current relationship with the natural world and discuss what tomorrow might bring.

The lecture series is a joint collaboration between New Hall and St Edmund's College, Cambridge University, the United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC), and the British Antarctic Survey (BAS). The lecture series and the production of this publication were made possible by the generosity of BP.

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Nature Capital: the key to poverty eradication by Dr Klaus Toepfer 


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