Since its founding on 4 March 2002 at the University of the Free State, several individuals have been associated in different capacities with ALPRU, either as specialists or as students
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HO de Waal
ALPRU is administrated under the direction/supervision of HO de Waal
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Specialist Webmaster
Willie Combrinck
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    Nico Avenant
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    Anne-Marie Pretorius
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    MSc Student (2008/9)
    Walter van Niekerk
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    MScAgric (2003)
    Dirk Borstlap
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    PhD Wildlife (2009)
    Norman Monks
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    BScHons (2003)
    Elizma Theron
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    BScHons (2003)
    Joan Lessing
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    BScHons (2003) and MSc 2004
    Yanna Smith
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    Daryl Barnes
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    Luis Schwalbach
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    MScAgric (2009)
    Heidi Bothma
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    MSc Wildlife(2008)
    Quinette Gunter
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    Specialist (until September 2005)
    Sarel van der Merwe
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    MScAgric (2004)
    Henriette Stander-Breedt
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    BSc (2003)
    Melanie Pieterse

The objectives of ALPRU are to:

  • create a site and a research unit where relevant information regarding the large African predators can be collated, organised, and stored in a systematic way.
  • serve as a centre of excellence from where relevant information regarding the large African predators can be disseminated.
  • create an international network of individuals, specialist interest groups, institutions, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and governments who are focusing on the respective large African predators.
  • undertake research programmes related to large predator ecology within the boundaries of the Free State, South Africa, and on the African continent - on ALPRU"s own initiative or at the request of individuals or relevant organisations.
  • promote association, cooperation, and collaboration with specialist interest groups that are focusing on the respective large African predators.
  • remain holistic in its approach and be sensitive towards the African biodiversity.

The focus areas and activities of ALPRU are to:

  • be comprehensive in its approach to conduct research and gather information on relevant aspects of the large African predators; specifically those in Southern Africa, but also the rest of the African continent.
  • engage in cross-border programmes in research and other activities, as mandated or requested by different governments and/or universities and/or national/international conservation bodies, NGOs or individuals.
  • recognise and focus on African biodiversity in terms of the indigenous fauna and flora within ecosystems, irrespective of the pristine or fragmented nature of such ecosystems.
  • strive to secure continuity in the specific and relevant objective research and habitat management over the short, medium and long term.
  • encourage the exchange of students at undergraduate and postgraduate level as part of a comprehensive research-based conservation strategy within both in situ and ex situ populations.
  • collate, organise, store, and disseminate relevant information.
  • maintain the highest level of scientific integrity.
  • remain independent and impartial.


Faculty Manager: Ms Lee-Ann Frazenburg
T: +27 51 401 3199

Marketing Manager: Mrs Elfrieda Lötter
T: +27 51 401 2531

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