• Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences
    NASA Deep Space Navigation engineer presents at Naval Hill Planetarium
    His visit to the UFS included a presentation to the Department of Astrophysics and at the Naval Hill Planetarium in Bloemfontein.
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  • Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences
    Postgraduate student to conduct research on maize quality at Michigan State University
    The title of her master’s research project is: “The influence of low and optimal nitrogen conditions on the nutritional value of quality protein maize”.
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  • Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences
    Predation Management Centre helps stock farmers to address predator problem
    Predators are costing the livestock industry about R2 billion annually.
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African Large Predator Research Unit
The larger African predators are good indicators of the well-being of the natural environment, specifically the habitat and prey species. Thus, the focus of ALPRU is broader than the larger African predators and includes important aspects of the prey animal base and their habitat. Wild animal species are also maintained in captive environments, therefore the focus and activities of ALPRU include both in situ and ex situ populations.
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Some larger African predators ...
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Photo - Willie Combrinck 2004 Photo - Julia Salnicki 2004 Photo - Willie Combrinck 2005
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Photos in the row above and the row below - Nico Smit 2004
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... and some prey species ...
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Photos - Willie Combrinck 2004
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