E KovalevaDr Elizaveta Kovaleva

E: kovalevae@ufs.ac.za
T: +27 51 401 9257

Research interests:

  • Metamorphic petrology and associated metasomatism
  • Deformation of geological materials, deformation processes in the crust, including:
  • Shock deformation processes
  • Paleo-seismic environments and co-seismic deformation

Kovaleva E., Huber M., Zaccarini F., in press. Petrography and geochemistry of coarse-crystalline veins within Vredefort Granophyre, Vredefort Impact Structure, South Africa. South African Journal of Geology.

Kovaleva, E., Huber, M., Roelofse, F., Tredoux, M., Praekelt, H., 2018. Pseudotachylite vein in a clast in the Vredefort Granophyre: characterization, origin and relevance. South African Journal of Geology, 121, 9-26

Kovaleva, E., Klötzli U, Wheeler, J., Habler, G., 2018. Mechanisms of strain accommodation in platically deformed zircon under simple shear deformation conditions during amphibolite-facies metamorphism. Journal of Structural Geology, 107, 12-24

Kovaleva E, Austrheim H, Klötzli U, 2017. Interpretation of zircon coronae textures from metapelitic granulites of Ivrea-Verbano Zone, Northern Italy: Two-stage decomposition of Fe-Ti oxides. Solid Earth, 8, 789-804

Kovaleva E, Harlov D, Klötzli U, 2017. Interpretation of complicated secondary textures in zircon from deformed granitic rocks in Western Tauern Window and Ötztal-Stubai Crystalline Complex (Alps, Western Austria). Lithos, 284-285, 381-400.

Kovaleva E, Klötzli U, 2017. NanoSIMS study of seismically deformed zircon: Evidence of Y, Yb, Ce and P re-distribution and resetting of radiogenic Pb. American Mineralogist, 102, 1311-1327.

Kovaleva E, Klötzli U, Habler G, Huet B, Guan Y, Rhede D, 2017. The effect of crystal-plastic deformation on isotope and trace element distribution in zircon: Combined BSE, CL, EBSD, FEG-EMPA and NanoSIMS study. Chemical Geology, 450, 183-198.

Kovaleva E, Klötzli U, Habler G, 2016. On the geometric relationship between deformation microstructures in zircon and the kinematic framework of the shear zone. Lithos, 262, 192-212.

Kovaleva E, Klötzli U, Habler G, Wheeler J, 2015. Planar microstructures in zircon from paleo-seismic zones. American Mineralogist, 100, 1834-1847.

Kovaleva E, Klötzli U, Habler G, Libowitzky E, 2014. Finite lattice distortion patterns in plastically deformed zircon grains. Solid Earth, 5, 1099-1122.

Rajesh HM, Belyanin GA, Safonov OG, Kovaleva EI, Golunova MA, Van Reenen DD, 2013. Fluid-induced dehydration of the paleoarchean Sand River biotite–hornblende gneiss, Central Zone, Limpopo Complex, South Africa. Journal of Petrology, 54, 41-74, doi: 10.1093/petrology/egs062.

Safonov OG, Kovaleva EI, Kosova SA, Rajesh HM, Belyanin GA, Golunova MA, Van Reenen DD, 2012. Experimental and petrological constraints on local-scale interaction of biotite-amphibole gneiss with H2O-CO2-(K, Na)Cl fluids at middle-crustal conditions: Example from the Limpopo Complex, South Africa. Geoscience Frontiers, 3, 829-841.

Perchuk LL, Moiseeva EI, Belyanin GA, Van Reenen DD, 2010. High-temperature polymetamorphism in the Central Zone of the Limpopo granulite complex (South Africa): structural and petrologic evidence. Transactions (Doklady) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Earth Science Sections, 431, 802-807.

Dr Martin ClarkMartinClarkPhoto

E: clarkmd@ufs.ac.za 

Research interests:

  • Brittle deformation in the upper crust
  • Structural controls on mineral deposits
  • 2-D and 3-D spatial and structural analysis methods


Clark, M.D., Riller, U., 2018.  3-D kinematic restoration of the eastern Sudbury Igneous Complex, Canada, and its importance for Cu-Ni-PGE sulphide exploration.  Ore Geology Reviews, 101, 199-210.

Clark, M.D., Riller, U., 2017.  Reply to Sperner and Zweigel’s comment on “Significance to first-order faults in folding mechanically isotropic layers: Evidence from the Sudbury Basin, Canada”.  Journal of Structural Geology, accepted. 

Riller, U., Clark, M.D., Daxberger, H., Doman, D., Lenauer, I., Plath, S., Santimano, T., 2017. Fault-slip inversions: their importance in terms of strain, heterogeneity and kinematics of brittle deformation. Journal of Structural Geology 101, 80-95.

Clark, M.D., Riller, U., 2017. Significance of first-order faults in folding mechanically isotropic layers: evidence from the Sudbury Basin, Canada.  Journal of Structural Geology 95, 113-126.

Clark, M.D., Riller, U., Morris, W.A., 2012. Upper-crustal, basement involved folding in the East Range of the Sudbury Basin, Ontario, inferred from paleomagnetic data and spatial analysis of mafic dykes.  Canadian Journal of Earth Science 49(9), 1005-1017.



Faculty Manager: Ms Lee-Ann Frazenburg
T: +27 51 401 3199
E: damonsle@ufs.ac.za

Marketing Manager: Mrs Elfrieda Lötter
T: +27 51 401 2531
E: lottere@ufs.ac.za

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