Integrated Hydrologic Modelling

Description: Institute for Groundwater Studies (IGS) Keywords: Douglas Graham from DHI, Denmark

An introduction to fully coupled, distributed modelling using MIKE SHE

Douglas Graham:
Senior Engineer,
DHI, Denmark

This short course was presented by Douglas Graham from DHI in Denmark in September 2011.

MIKE SHE is one of the only integrated surface water/groundwater-modelling tools available. MIKE SHE includes process models for overland flow, unsaturated flow, vegetation-based evapotranspiration, groundwater flow, and fully dynamic channel flow. It is a modular modelling framework that includes both simple and advanced process models. This allows you to solve problems across the full hydrologic spectrum – from detailed wetland studies to basin-wide water resource management studies.

The course covers the physical and modelling aspects of all the processes in the hydrologic cycle. It provides ample time for hands-on experience with MIKE SHE, as well as time for open discussion related to hydrologic projects relevant to the participants.

In this intensive, hands-on course, the participants learned about the processes and linkages in the MIKE SHE modelling system. At the end of the course, they had an overview of:

  • the available codes for integrated groundwater/surface water modelling;
  • the hydrologic processes simulated by MIKE SHE;
  • the mechanisms used to couple the hydrologic processes;
  • hydraulic flow modelling in streams and rivers using MIKE 11;
  • the coupling of MIKE SHE to urban drainage networks; and
  • the limitations of integrated groundwater/surface water modelling.

In addition, participants gained first-hand experience in:

  • how to set up and run a model in MIKE SHE and MIKE 11;
  • how to evaluate results of an integrated groundwater/surface water model; and
  • calibration strategies for an integrated model, including a brief introduction to automatic calibration tools.


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