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Leading Research at the UFS
The University of the Free State has made major investments in postgraduate education in order to attract the best Honours, Master's and Doctoral students from all over the world, to embark on research-based careers. Join some of the leading professors in the world for an advanced degree in your field.

Prof Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela

Faculty of the Humanities
Prof Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela's work on trauma and forgiveness is recognised internationally as one of the major contributions to scholarship on the subject of forgiveness in the context of gross human rights violations. This is the main contribution of her research, while for scholars in psychology it has usually been the cognitive dimensions of forgiveness that have been the focus of psychological studies. Prof Gobodo-Madikizela's contribution to the field of trauma and the psychology of forgiveness draws largely on her experience of serving on the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).

Contact Prof Gobodo-Madikizela
T: +27 51 401 7144
E: pumlagm@ufs.ac.za

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Prof Helene Strauss (PhD McGill University)

Faculty of the Humanities
Prof Helene Strauss is an expert in literary and cultural studies. She works on the critical literacies required for the formation of an engaged citizenry both at the UFS and in contemporary South Africa. Prof Strauss's other research on intimacy and responsibility is set to contribute to this project through a sustained analysis of what intimate human communication might reveal about the possibilities for political agency that emerge from people's everyday lives.

Contact Prof Helene Strauss
T: +27 51 401 3452
E: strausshj@ufs.ac.za

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Prof Esta van Heerden

Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences
Two decades ago, single cell organisms were detected extending more than three kilometres into the Earth's crust in ancient water captured through geological time scales and comprising a significant fraction of the global biosphere.

Prof Van Heerden and her research team describe the first multi-cellular organism (nematode), discovered at extreme depths in an article in the distinguished journal Nature in June 2011 entitled, 'Nematode from the terrestrial deep subsurface of South Africa'. The biogeography of subsurface microorganisms in the fractured rock of the continental crust is controlled by the interconnected, fluid-filled fractures that create a 'habitable' matrix.

The UFS/Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) Metagenomics Platform is exploring these very unique microbes for new application or products for South Africa.

The genome sequence is also being assessed and assembled in collaboration with Princeton University.

Contact Prof Esta van Heerden
T: +27 51 401 2472
E: vheerde@ufs.ac.za

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Prof Andre Keet
Director of the Institute for Reconciliation and Social Justice

The Institute for Reconciliation and Social Justice led by Prof Andre Keet is a critical space where engaged scholarship, public discussion, community engagement and teaching are innovatively integrated towards exploring and finding solutions to the complex and challenging work of social transformation in South Africa.

The institute offers research and supervision with renowned academics and experts in the fields of reconciliation and social justice. Students can therefore register with a range of departments across faculties for full research Master's and Doctoral degrees associated with the institute. The institute's research framework is aimed at exploring how human relations across an infinite number of "divides" can be rethought and reconstituted for democratic arrangements and practices to advance reconciliation and social justice.

Under the leadership of the institute, an MPhil degree in Reconciliation and Social Justice will be offered from 2014. The interdisciplinary research theme explores the social dynamics of human relations as intrinsically linked to development and sustainable democracy.

Contact Prof Andre Keet
T: +27 51 401 9809
E: keeta@ufs.ac.za

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