As a small campus of the University of the Free State, students can experience a greater sense of community and they will find it easier to establish and build meaningful friendships.

With academia being the obvious focus, the student experience is well rounded with cultural, musical, sporting and community engagement activities. Community-service programmes offer opportunities for volunteer work to uplift and enrich the surrounding community. Vocally-gifted students can join religious, arts and culture groups, allowing them to perform in a number of specialist choirs.
Sport and recreational facilities encourage active participation in student sport for recreational purposes, but also for competitive engagement on regional, provincial and national level.

Student Life interaction
Our residences are adapted for students to socialise informally, attend events and meetings. The Student Representative Councils have their council chambers and offices in these centres and make conference facilities and smaller committee rooms exclusively available to students.

Qwaqwa Student Representative Council (SRC)

Student Leadership Development

As the University of the Free State we pride ourselves in empowering students not only in academia and research, but guiding and assisting them in becoming valued and respected members of society. To achieve this, students are exposed to numerous student leadership programmes within the university.

The development programmes are open to undergraduate and postgraduate students and consists of five levels:

  • Generic Development Programmes to develop student leaders and preparing them for student governance positions at the university
  • Selection Programmes for high achieving and specially identified student leaders with potential to channel them towards specialised programmes (i.e. First-Years Leadership for Change Programme, Stanford Sophomore)
  • Positional Programmes for elected student governance structures across campuses, tailor-made for training in their respective fields to be fully equipped and functional
  • Occasional Programmes and student access to further local and global leadership initiatives, (i.e. One Young World Youth Forum, Bright Young Minds, Google Ambassador)
  • Mobilisation Programmes in support of student governance, such as election-candidate training.

The key development programmes are:

  • In the First-year Leadership for Change Programme a thoroughly evaluated group of first-year students participate in a programme which will not only bring important change in the lives of the students involved, but also in the lives of people they will come into contact with – on campus and in their communities. The main objectives of the programme are to enable students to break down experiences of isolation and racial stereotyping, introduce them to positive models of racial integration and student life; build cross-racial unity and international networking with students, staff and programmes globally; experience diversity, global citizenship and social integration as part of personal leadership development; and to create a ‘cohort of change’.
  • The Stanford Sophomore Programme gives a group of six high-potential second-year students the opportunity to take part in the exclusive and high profile Stanford Sophomore College Programme at the Stanford University on the west coast of the US. The UFS and Oxford University, UK are the only non-Stanford participants in the programme.
  • Pre-Election Candidate Training is offered to potential candidates of student governance structures in preparation for the student representative elections. The training provides the foundation and basic skills to ensure that Student Life and Leadership produce leaders of a high standard and calibre.
  • The SRC Global Initiative is exclusively for SRC members to expose them to different spheres of leadership around the globe and to dialogue on relevant themes. Universities are also visited to benchmark and exchange ideas. Over the past few years, SRC members visited universities in Washington DC, Boston, New York, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and they were also at the Universities of Yale, Harvard and Strathmore

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