A safety net is available for students whose performance and adjustment to university life are affected by a variety of factors. These can be medical, academic, financial, emotional, family and social issues.

Social workers help students to identify the obstacles to their success. Together, the social worker and student develop a plan to access resources needed to overcome these difficulties. The plan has clearly defined goals that address a student’s specific needs.

The following services are provided by the social worker:

  • Individual counselling: relationships, family therapy, bereavement, abortion – (pre- and post-counselling), victim empowerment, rape, crisis intervention, trauma debriefing.
  • Group work: gay/lesbian support groups, life-skills development, alcohol and drug dependency, anxiety/depression support groups, support group for survivors of all forms of abuse.
  • Training and development: stress management, conflict management, assertiveness training.
  • Community work: Develop and implement community-based programmes and interventions; manage community development projects and programmes.
  • Awareness and prevention: substance abuse, women’s issues and empowerment, sex education.

Eligibility: UFS students are eligible for these services at no cost.

Confidentiality: Sessions with the social worker is completely confidential. The social worker is not allowed to discuss any details of a student’s situation or even indicate whether the student is receiving services with others. A student has to give written permission before any personal information may be released.

Appointments and consultations:
A faculty, staff or students, who are concerned about a student or desire consultation or assistance in making a referral, are encouraged to contact the campus social worker: Ms ST Phoofolo |
T: +27 58 718 5090/5091 | E: phoofolost@qwa.ufs.ac.za

To schedule an appointment or if a concern needs immediate attention, please contact: Ms MT Zuma | T: +27 58 718 5090/5091 | E: zumamt@qwa.ufs.ac.za

Consultations: Monday–Friday from 08:00–16:30; Room 38, Administration Building



Qwaqwa Campus
Private Bag X13
+27 58 718 5000

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