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Research ethics at the UFS is divided into four primary categories, namely, Health Sciences Research, Human/General Research, Animal Research, and Biosafety and Environment Research. It is from these four categories that the ethics committees are derived, and their respective standard operating procedures (SOPS) are developed and implemented. The four committees are:

1. Health Sciences Research Ethics Committee (HSREC)
  • All health science-related research is reviewed by the HSREC.
  • Please note, even if the researcher is registered with a non-health faculty, if the research in question is health-/medicine-related, it must be submitted to the HSREC.
2. General/Human Research Ethics Committee (GHREC)
  • AAll research that is NOT health-related, animal-related, or bio-safety- (hazardous material included) related, must be submitted to GHREC. 
3. Animal Research Ethics Committee (AREC)
  • If there is use of animals in any form or shape, the research must be submitted to AREC.
4. Environment and Bio-Safety Research Ethics Committee (EBREC) 
  • Environment and bio-hazardous material-related research must be submitted to EBREC.

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