The National Research Foundation’s (NRF) rating system is a bench marking system through which individuals that exemplifies the highest standards of research, as well as those demonstrating strong potential as researchers, are identified by an extensive network of South African and international peer reviewers. Ratings are based on the quality and impact of recent research outputs (over an eight-year period).

Apart from research output, the quality and impact of research at tertiary institutions in South Africa are also reflected in the number of rated scientists, identified through the NRF rating system. Awards are valid for a period of six years.

The most distinguished categories are:

  • A - for researchers regarded as world leaders in their fields
  • B - for researchers that enjoy considerable international recognition by their peers
  • C - for researchers regarded as established in their field, and
  • P - for young researchers, with exceptional potential, who are likely to become future international leaders in their fields

A list of NRF rated researchers at the UFS as on 23 July 2018 is available here.