Welwitschia 284

Welwitschia: Success through Participation

Since 1972, the Welwitschia Residence Community has grown from strength to strength, producing exceptional ladies who are a force to be reckoned with in the outside world. Welwitschia is named after a Namibian desert plant that is known for its uniqueness, toughness, and reliability, something all our ladies share and excel at. And with our capacity for 175 ladies, we welcome and thrive on diversity.

At Welwitschia, you will belong to our diverse community; a place where we welcome the expression of each student’s unique identity. Here you are part of the beat in the dynamic and thriving song that is Kovsie student life.

The Welwitschia community strives to create an environment which inspires academic excellence and develops each student holistically by providing opportunities for participating in an array of activities. This is echoed in our motto: 'Success through Participation'.

Our vision as a residence community is to invite each student to co-create a space that promotes excellence through celebrated diversity. We find strength and freedom in our shared values, and you can be part of our strength, as we will be part of yours.

So, come and be all that you can as a part of the Welwitschia community where you can live, learn, and be inspired.

Contact details of Residence Head
Juvinia Sekoe
T: +27 51 401 2516
E: SekoeJG@ufs.ac.za
Residence email: Welwitschiahouse@gmail.com

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