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Daniella CoetzeeWelcome to the webpage of the UFS South Campus!

At this campus of the UFS we are dedicated to the delivery of distance and access programmes to students nationally.  Programmes are offered online or through a blended mode of contact and distance methodologies. The distance delivery at the Campus is qualified by its open character, where open learning is an approach to education that enables as many students as possible to take advantage of affordable and meaningful  educational opportunities through:

  • sharing expertise, knowledge, and resources
  • reducingbarriers and increasing access
  • acknowledging diversity of context

Key open learning principles include:

  • Learners are provided with opportunities and capacity for lifelong learning.
  • Learning processes centre on the students and the contexts of learning, build on their experience and encourage active engagement leading to independent and critical thinking.
  • Learning provision is flexible, allowing students to increasingly determine where, when, what and how they learn, as well as the pace at which they will learn.
  • Prior learning and experience is recognised wherever possible; arrangements for credit transfer and articulation between qualifications facilitate further learning.
  • Conditions for a fair chance of student success is created through student support, contextually appropriate resources and sound pedagogical practices.

Apart from Higher Certificates and Advanced Certificates in Teaching, a variety of short learning programmes are also offered at a distance. The activities of the Campus also include the Internet Broadcast Project; the Schools’ Partnership Programme and a number of community projects.

Contact details:

Prof D Coetzee
Principal: South Campus

T: +27 51 505 1259
E: coetzeed@ufs.ac.za


Lydia Moilwa
+27 51 505 1201

Applications and Registrations
Lourette Wilson
+27 51 505 1378

Formal Programmes
Lebohang Seseane
+27 51 505 1452

Short Learning Programmes
Charlene Afrika
+27 51 505 1474

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