Neville Alexander Library

UFS Library and Information Services

1. Welcome

The UFS Library and Information Services forms an integral part of the university and shares in the quest for excellence. We are proud to introduce to you a library and information service that not only satisfies the basic needs of the user, but one that operates in a highly technological environment.

The UFS Library and Information Services offers you the opportunities, information resources, and facilities that are essential to academic life.

We hope that our services will support you.

2. Library hours

During semester

Monday to Friday (except Wednesdays): 08:00-21:00

Saturday: 09:00-13:00

During holidays

Monday to Friday (except Wednesdays): 08:00-21:00

The library is closed on Saturdays during long weekends.

The library is closed on Saturdays from the first Saturday in December to the second Saturday in January, inclusive.

3. Contact details

As a registered student, please do not hesitate to contact the library for assistance in finding resources for your assignments or research. You can contact the following staff members:

Mrs L Coetzer: +27 51 401 7808 (Campus Librarian)

Mr C Seekoei: +27 51 401 7806 (Library Assistant)

4. How do I become a member of the library?

  • When you register as a student at the UFS, you receive a UFS student card.
  • Approximately one day after registering as a student, you will automatically be registered on the library computer system.
  • Your student card is used to borrow books and to make photocopies.
  • Please report the loss of your student card to staff at the issue counter as soon as possible.
  • Your UFS student card is your responsibility. You are not allowed to lend it to anyone, as this will lead to disciplinary action.

5. Computer lab

  • Only registered students are allowed to make use of the facilities in the computer lab.
  • Your UFS student card is necessary to obtain access to the lab.
  • Silence must be observed and the use of cellphones is prohibited, as is in the rest of the library.
  • Failure to comply with the regulations will lead to disciplinary action. Transgressors may be barred from using the labs again.

6. Photocopy services

Photocopiers are available in the library. Please visit the cashiers on campus to deposit money in your student card for photocopies.

7. How many books may I borrow?

Undergraduate students are allowed to borrow 10 books for 15 days

  • A fine is charged for books returned after the due date.
  • Extension of the lending period may be requested by telephone once. You will be informed of the new due date for the books.
  • Extension can only be granted if no one else has reserved the book.
  • You are responsible for all books issued to you. Take care that books are not left in classrooms, and do not lend books to other persons.
  • Reference books cannot be borrowed and may only be consulted in the library.

8. Off-campus users

Registered UFS students can make use of the electronic resources offered by the library (especially databases for information searches in journals to find specific pre-identified journal articles) anywhere in the world. For this, you need your surname, your patron number (your student number with 10 added at the end), and a personal identification number (PIN) created by yourself. You may use any number, at least 4 digits long, but please do not forget this number as it can be quite problematic to resolve this issue.

Please note: Access the 2018 Training and Orientation calendar here.


Lydia Moilwa
+27 51 505 1201

Applications and Registrations
Lourette Wilson
+27 51 505 1378

Formal Programmes
Lebohang Seseane
+27 51 505 1452

Short Learning Programmes
Charlene Afrika
+27 51 505 1474

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