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Study material distribution is an important aspect of Open and Distance Learning.

Although multimedia instruction is growing rapidly at the South Campus, printed material is still a very important component of Formal Programmes. 

Amongst others, this includes the procurement of study material and all related stationery and products; the arranging of and printing of course, printed material and audio-visual materials (e.g., assessments and subject-related DVD’s); the keeping of course material in manageable stock levels; planning around packaging, and dispatch of printed material.

Mission: To supply the course material to each student in time for the commencement of the contact sessions of each term.

Vision: To extend our services and to embrace other functions and departments (including the online component) on the South Campus and to supply printed and supplementary course material to an ever-growing number of students well in advance of the commencement of the course.

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Short Learning Programmes
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