Themba Makhoba

Degree in Public Administration - Faculty of Economic and Science

1. What impact has GradStar had on your life in 2019?

To be recognized among the league of the fourth annual GradStar top 100 has enormously transformed and undeniably equipped me with zeal to have a different perception about how to develop as a person, to be able to unearth possibilities and be a believer of my dreams. It was a crucial learning experience which influenced advancement both on individual aspect and on teamwork capacity. To interact with other future leaders with considerable greatness was a phenomenal privilege. The prestige ceremony awaked self-awareness about a distinctive role to play in order to make a world a better place. This insightful and enlightening involvement cultivated the importance of networking and sharing ideas with people from different backgrounds to establish continues improvement. In general it unraveled a sense of seeking to be the best version of oneself while, considering that challenges are inevitable. Personally it has ignited a notion that, through collaboration and empathy we can overcome everything.

2. How do you stay motivated and on track with your studies?

I have a tendency to to make connections by meeting as many people as I can. I am inspired when offering myself to any course that changes someone else life. I get encouragement and positive reinforcement from people who share the same vision and purpose about life as me. I do not consider a crisis as an insurmountable problem but rather an opportunity to learn from. The most imperative tool build self-confidence is to get out of your comfort zone and try diverse things from time to time. 

3. What drives you to excel in your studies?

I take steady and consistence steps in the direction of my academic goals and take rational actions regardless if destitution is present. I inquire different inputs from other people to overcome challenges and i make sure i get plenty of support from family and friend.

4. Will you recommend GradStar to other students? Why/Why not?

I would definitely endorse GradStar to every student for the mere reason that is a magnificent podium that encourages and guide students to be innovative, intuitive, demonstrate eagerness to lead and make best use of their full potential in respect to the field of study and ultimately build a future of many prospects. It is constructive and beneficial for all student to participate in this life changing experience to learn from the best employers. 

5. What are your plans for 2020?

In 2020 i plan to carry on with my studies. 

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