Carlo Visser

BSc Microbiology and Botany

1. What impact has GradStar had on your life in 2018?

Making it to the top 100 in GradStar has taught me that you can have a lot more potential for achievement than you might think you have and that you might never discover that potential if you do not try doing something that would require it, even if you feel like you have little chance of success.

2. How do you stay motivated and on track with your studies?

To prevent myself from being overwhelmed by my studies, I often break my work into smaller pieces. However, planning your time is also crucially important to prevent falling behind.

3. What drives you to excel in your studies?

Knowing how immensely privileged I am to be able to study at all drives me to keep up my academic standard, along with knowing that I want to use what I’m studying to make a difference somewhere.

4. Will you recommend GradStar to other students? Why/Why not?

Absolutely. GradStar has the potential not only to broaden the way you think about yourself and your career, but to expose you to people who might very well offer you a job one day and help you make good use of your talents.

5. What are your plans for 2019?

I plan to complete my current degree in 2019 while gaining experience by finding work in my department.

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