Tswellang Special School

Description: Community Engagement Keywords: Physiotherapy, community engagement, service learning, Tswellang Special School, wheelchair, disabilities 

During 2012 the physiotherapy services at Tswellang Special School were expanded to include the screening of children for school placement, the adaptation of wheelchair and classroom seating to prevent postural deformities, classification and coaching of sport for learners with disabilities and evaluation and physiotherapeutic treatment of learners with disabilities in a holistic manner in order to optimilise their functioning in a school and/or hostel environment.

Students furthermore presented information sessions to teachers regarding specific disabilities. Through these sessions teachers were also able to share their own knowledge and experience with the students. The knowledge generated by these collaborative experiences was valued by teachers and students.

During the students’ reflections, it became clear that all parties involved benefitted greatly from the service learning experience.

MUCPP Community Health Clinic

Individual and group treatments are presented at the MUCPP Community Health Clinic and there will be a pre-graduate study conducted on musculoskeletal pain and chronic diseases of lifestyle at MUCPP in 2013.

The fourth-year physiotherapy students rotated to the MUCPP Community Health Clinic during their service learning clinical block. Students presented information and exercise groups to patients of various clinics within the Community Health Centre. Students also treated patients individually.

Description: Community Engagement Keywords: physiotherapy, community service, service learning, MUCPP, lifestyle diseases, community health
The fourth-year research group conducting their research at Trompsburg old-age home, using the TEMPA measureing instrument 

During students’ reflections the value of this clinical rotation became clear. The service learning pre-graduate research group will be conducting their research project at MUCPP in 2013.

Khula Xhariep Project

The students conducted a pre-graduate study at Trompsburg earlier in 2012. The research results were presented on the student's project day which was on 8 August 2012.

Jean Webber

The third-year physiotherapy students engaged with clinical rotations at Jean Webber at the beginning of 2012. All students rotated through the area for a two-week period during the year. During their clinical rotation at Jean Webber, students were responsible for:

  • Individual treatment of patients residing in Jean Webber.
  • Exercise classes for residents of Jean Webber.
  • Information classes for care workers and/or student nurses working at Jean Webber.

The presence and input of students at Jean Webber made a significant difference to the lives of residents and personnel working there. Residents got the benefits of individual and/or group exercise classes resulting in decreased pain, improved function, improved muscle strength, improved joint range of motion, improved balance, only to mention a few. Personnel, on the other hand, where informed and/or educated on many conditions (related to residents in Jean Webber), the role of physiotherapy and physiotherapy interventions as well as the cooperation within a multidisciplinary health care team.

Feedback from the students were overwhelming positive as they perceived their input as valuable and all of them thought they made a difference in the lives of other people. They all expressed the hope that students from other health care disciplines would also join them at Jean Webber.

Old-age Homes

The third-year physiotherapy students rotated between four old-age homes during their clinical service learning block, namely Mooihawe, Boikhuco, Fichardtpark and the Trompsburg Old-age Home.

Functional, strengthening, mobility and cardiovascular exercise groups were presented to residents of the different old-age homes. A variety of information groups were presented to staff members as well as residents of the various homes.

The students started walking groups for residents with walking aids as well as residents who could walk independently. These groups were presented separately and students could assist group members individually. Health promotion and wellness were emphasised at the various old-age homes.

Mooihawe: We have a new treatment area at Mooihawe which will enhance our service at Mooihawe. Students started walking groups for both the active elderly and the elderly with walking frames (and even in wheelchairs). Exercise groups and information sessions are presented to the elderly.

Boikhuco: Daily exercise groups are being presented at Boikhuco for both the active elderly and the frail elderly residents. Individual treatments are given to residents needing treatment. We are currently looking into the possibility of becoming more involved in Boikhuco’s staff development/health programme.

Fichardtpark: Our students currently only work at Fichardtpark old-age home on Friday mornings. The need for physiotherapy services is very clear and we are looking into the possibility of increasing our visits to Fichardtpark. Walking groups are presented at Fichardtpark and group as well as individual treatments are done.

Trompsburg Old-Age Home: The fourth-year pre-graduate service learning research group conducted their research regarding upper limb function at the Trompsburg old-age home. They compiled an information document with home exercises to present to care workers at the old-age home.

Description: Community Engagement Keywords: Physiotherapy, community engagement, service learning, old-age homes, clinical service, Trompsburg Old-age Home
The fourth-year research group conducting their research at the Trompsburg Old-age Home, using the TEMPA measuring instrument

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