Acclaimed sexologist visits our campus and empowers students and staff

The Health and Wellness Centre’s HIV and AIDS Office hosted Dr Marlene Wasserman, popularly known as Dr Eve, on 14 September 2012. The theme of the sessions with staff and students was “Exploring the role of Higher Education in protecting students’ sexual rights”.

Seminar with staff

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The aim of the seminar was to equip staff to provide accurate information and education regarding sexual and reproductive health issues.

The seminar also aimed to address the following questions:

  • How can we, as UFS staff, make sure that our students obtain full and accurate information, education and services on aspects of sexuality including sexual rights (human rights)?
  • What is currently happening on campus regarding these services?
  • What are the gaps in our current service delivery when it comes to these matters? Furthermore, are we being sensitive to all sexualities on campus and how are we meeting everyone’s needs?

Session with students

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The session was co-facilitated by the HIV & AIDS Office’s Transformers and was attended by 46 invited students. Dr Eve informed and educated the students on their sexual rights and the importance of exercising these rights.

She concluded by encouraging students to be advocates of change and to stand up for their rights.

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