Erasmus+ KA1 ICM is an Action under the broader Erasmus+ programme to support education, training, youth and sport funded by the European Union. Erasmus+ KA1 ICM funds academic exchange at university level between EU universities and universities from the Erasmus+ Partner countries (extra-EU countries). It offers individual scholarships for Undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral students and individual scholarships for academic and administrative staff from Third Country universities to study at a European university.

Funds are managed by the European university that submitted a request for funding for a specific extra-EU university. Requests are evaluated by EU national agencies and if accepted the EU University shall sign a bilateral agreement with the extra-EU university.

The University of Bologna has request funding for supporting an academic exchange at doctoral and staff level with the University of the Free State. The request has been accepted and therefore funded by the Italian Erasmus+ National Agency.

The University of Bologna and the University of the Free State have signed a bilateral agreement to realize this academic exchange under the academic year 2016/2017.