Economic and Management Sciences

ECO623: International Economics

EKN314: International Economics

FEC224: Money and Banking

OBS622: Entrepreneurial Management

REK208: Accounting

TRG314: Training and Development in Community Settings (Until 2010)


ENC114: Elementary Natural Sciences

Health Sciences

Faculty website for community projects

School for Allied Health Professions

Nutrition and Dietetics

GVD409: Dietetics and Nutrition 

Occupational Therapy:

KAB123: Clinical Occupational Therapy 

KAB205: Clinical Occupational Therapy 

KAB309: Clinical Occupational Therapy 

KAB309: Clinical Occupational Therapy


PUB304: Public Health and Compulsory Residency


FTB309: Physiotherapeutic Treatment

FST409: Physiotherapy

School of Nursing

GMP105: Community Health 

OVP105: Nursing Education Practical

VRP214 & VRP224: Nursing Practical

VRP324: Nursing Practical: Wound Care Projects

VRP404: Midwifery Practice 

VRT116/128: Nursing Theory & VRP114/124: Nursing Practical

School of Medicine

MEC153: The Doctor and the Environment

MED153: Concepts of Health and Disease 

MEX354: Health and Disease in Populations


BWR224: Law of Evidence

RPK412 & RPK422: Legal Practice 

Natural and Agricultural Sciences

BEH752: Housing

NEC302: Natural Science Education Community Service Learning

ONW300 & ONW600: Design

RIS242: Computer Information Systems 

VBW414: Community Development and Beyond: Issues, Structures and Procedures 

The Humanities

Faculty website for service learning projects

AAM308: Art Administration

CSL112 & CSL122: Community Service Learning: Human and Societal Dynamics

DSP302: Community Service Learning

KIN102: Community Service Learning

KOM344: Service Learning in Communication Science

KRM648 & KRM668: Victimology and Juvenile Delinquency 

MDP332: Clinical Community Work

MGT549: Service Learning in Governance and Political Transformation 

MOP302: Music Education and Practice

SDL314: Community Service Learning in the Humanities 

SDL324 (SDL322): Service Learning

SIL604A: Perspectives on Groups and Communities: Therapeutic Horse Riding Project

SIL604B: Perspectives on Groups and Communities: Study Buddy Project

SOS324: Social Research and Practice

TPP152: Introduction to Translation 

TPP314: Translation Practice


PTH314: Diaconics (practical theology on society, faith communities and service ministry)

PTH846 & PTH886: Pastoral Care for Law Offenders and Victims of Crime

TMI314 (SDW322): Theology of Mission as Holistic Encounter for Poverty Alleviation

Practical Theology: Magister Programme: Pastoral Therapy and Service-learning

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