Definition: Registration is the process by which you formally register as a student at the UFS. 

The following is an outline of the steps to register for your qualification and modules (click on the red bar to open the information for each step; clicking on the bar a second time will close that step's information).

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Do you have an active KOVSIE student number?

If YES, proceed to Step 2.

If NO,
Postgraduate students, please contact your relevant faculty for approval.
Undergraduate applications for 2023 are closed

Have you made the prepayment for registration for 2023?

If YES, proceed to step 3.

If NO, click here 

For information about bursaries, click here

Remember that the first payment, as well as outstanding fees from 2022 must be paid at least 5 workdays before registration.

Do you have any questions on the rules of the university/faculties?

If YES, click here for information.
If NO, proceed to step 4

* South Campus and Sub-region students: please note that only the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences, and the Faculty of The Humanities will be applicable.

Do you want/need to change the qualification you have been admitted to?

If YES, click here for information.
If NO, proceed to step 5

* South Campus and Sub-region students: not applicable

Have you received curriculum advice yet?

If YES, proceed to step 6.
If NO, please contact your relevant faculty as per the following dates
Senior students: 30 January- 17 February 2023
First-year students: 6– 17 February 2023

Last date to add or change modules: 24 February 2023

Students should preferably obtain curriculum advice before registration. Find more information about Curriculum and Academic Advising on the Registration Information webpage.

* South Campus and Sub-region students: Please contact Chwaro Shuping on for more information.

  • Registration takes place according to your Faculty Advising Schedule.
    Please visit your specific faculty website for more information: 
  • During the curriculum advice process, your curriculum adviser will
    discuss the various modules (courses) you will be studying during
    the academic year. The modules form the curriculum you will be
    completing. The next step is to enrol for each module (course)
    discussed with your curriculum adviser.
  • It is important that students enrol (register) modules for the campus
    they are studying at.
  • For more information, please visit the Registration Information webpage.

Do you have a proof of your registration?

If YES, proceed to Step 8.
If NO click here for information.

It is your responsibility to make sure that your registration details are correct. Print a proof of registration after you completed the registration process in order to check the details.

Do you need to change/correct your registration details?

If YES, click here for information.
If NO, proceed to step 9

Do you want/need to change your qualification?

If YES, click here for information.
If NO, proceed to Step 10

* South Campus and Sub-region students: not applicable

Have you registered for all the modules you would like to attend?

If NO, click here for information.


Do you need to cancel your studies?

  • For information on complete cancellation of studies (after registration) and/or residence lodging, please click here.

Do you have some enquiries?


Your official UFS email address ( should be monitored on a regular basis. This email address serves as the official electronic communication channel between the University and the student. Please note that other email addresses will not be used.

To access your email, go to

Please note that the password you use to access your email account is the UFS password that the university has issued to you, and should be changed regularly for security reasons. If your password has expired or you have forgotten it, you can go to to change it. You will receive a one-time pin code via an SMS that will grant you access to change your password. It is advisable that you answer and set up the security questions in advance, as this will assist you in the process of obtaining a password if you should forget it. Alternatively, you can call the student helpdesk at the Information and Communication Technology Services Department (ICT) at +27 51 401 9111(press 4).        

Blackboard (E-Learning Service)

Blackboard is an online learning management system where you will find study material and assessment related to the modules you registered for at the university. Students must verify that the modules they registered for reflect on the Blackboard portal where applicable.

Please note: Newly registered modules will only be available on the platform after 24 hours. Not all lecturers make use of the Blackboard service for additional study guidance. Please consult the relevant lecturer or your study guide if you are uncertain whether the particular module should be available on Blackboard.

Please notify the Blackboard Helpdesk at +27 51 401 9111(press 5) for assistance if the modules you registered for are not reflected on the portal.

To access Blackboard, visit the following website:

To log into your Blackboard account, type:

Username: Student number
Password: UFS campus password

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