NB: Please note that the university has made many changes on their curricula and module codes. Please consult your faculty Rule Book if you are unsure of the module code(s) for which you need to register. For access to the Rule Book for your chosen faculty, click here

Even when only one of the following points is not complied with, you will not be able to register online.

Students who are unsuccessful in their online electronic academic registration process, should contact their faculty according to the programme for academic advice:
   31 January - 11 February 2022 (first-year students)
   17 - 31 January 2022 (senior students)

Faculty of Health Science
10 – 31 Jan 2022 (senior students)
31 Jan – 14 Feb 2022 - (first year students)

STEP 1: Log in with your student number and password on the Oracle PeopleSoft system .

Please ensure that your UFS password has not expired as you will require the password for access to electronic systems used by the UFS.

How to reset your UFS Password:

  • Log into: http://selfservice.ufs.ac.za
  • To activate your password, log in with the following:
    • Username: Student number
    • Password: Your personal password.

In the event that your password was reset, the UFS issues a temporary password which must be changed the first time you log in to the system. You will require your cellphone for the One-Time Pin (OTP).

If you need further assistance with this facility please contact the student helpdesk at +27 (0)51 401 9111 (select option 4).

STEP 2: Go to the Tasks tile on the Student Homepage within the PeopleSoft system and click on the task.

Under the "Tasks" tile will be an activity that is called "Registration 2022".

STEP 3: Follow the different activities as listed on the left side of the Student Task WorkCentre page until the task is completed.

The system will allow you to log out and return later to continue with the different activities until you have completed the task.

STEP 4: Please confirm that all the modules (courses) you wished to enrol for reflect on your proof of registration. The Proof of Registration is available on the Student Centre page, but will also be emailed to you the following day after you registered.

If you wish to effect any changes to the modules you enrolled for or want to cancel your enrolment (registration) you can follow one of the processes below:


STEP 1: Log in with your student number and password on the Oracle PeopleSoft system .

STEP 2: Click on the My Education Plan tile on the UFS Student Homepage alternatively you can navigate to the enrolment link on the Student Centre page.

STEP 3: Select the Enrolment Tab on the page

STEP 4: Select the Add/Change Courses button on the page.

STEP 5: Select the Course (modules) you wish to add or remove.

STEP 6: Select the Update Planner button.

STEP 7: Select the Validate Planner button.

STEP 8: Select the Build Schedule button.

STEP 9: Select the Enrolment button.

STEP 10: Verify that all the changes were affected on the screen and also verify on your Proof of Registration.

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Registration Quick Links

The links below will help you navigate through the information pertaining to the 2022 Registration process.

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