How do I get copies of my academic record?

Non-registered students:
To get official (stamped) records, your account must be fully paid, you must be in good standing with the university, and you need to pay the amounts set out below.

Registered students:

Registered students for the current academic year will only pay after receiving their third (3rd) free copy.

The cost of issuing records is as follows:

1. Academic Record (transcript) - Three copies R110.00

2. Academic Record (transcript), Certificate of Conduct, and Syllabus (for the purpose of registering at another higher-education institution)  R585.00

* Amounts are subject to change.


Payments can be made to the following account:

Finance Picture

Account name: University of the Free State
Bank: ABSA Bank
Account number: 1570 151 688
Branch Code: 630734
Reference number: 605 followed by student number


You must provide the following before any documents will be released:

1. Certified copy of your ID.

2. Proof of payment.

3. Your request, indicating the item requested.

4. Your mailing details (fax/email/postal address).

5.1 Should you wish that the record be sent to another person/institution, approval in writing to this effect must also be provided by you together with the mailing/contact details of the other party.

5.2  Should you request the University to email a copy to another person/institution, the original copies will be mailed to your mailing address as provided.

5.3  Should you wish to arrange with another person to collect the documents on your behalf at our offices, an approval letter in this regard with a copy of the ID of the collector must be provided.  The collector will have to produce his original ID on collection.

You can communicate with us, and send additional documents through one of the following methods:

How do I get proof of registration / medical aid letter / degree confirmation?

Send a written request and attach a copy of your ID to

How do I change my contact details?

Log in to self-service to update your details.

If you want to change your name(s), complete a DV8 - NOTIFICATION OF CHANGE OF ADDRESS AND PERSONAL DETAILS and attach the supporting documents (original certified copy of your ID and/or marriage certificate).

You can send the completed DV8 and supporting documents to or submit it to Student Academic Services, George du Toit Building, Bloemfontein Campus, Nelson Mandela Drive.