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My Thesis/Dissertation (Masters and Doctoral)


The following information is relevant to master’s degree students who are doing a research dissertation or interrelated publishable manuscript/published articles, and doctoral students doing a thesis or interrelated publishable manuscript/published articles which they want to submit for assessment.

Submission of dissertations and theses can take place throughout the year, but due to the assessment procedures, we cannot guarantee that the degree will be conferred at the following graduation ceremony.Maters

You must submit the research at least four months before a graduation ceremony to ensure that the degree can be conferred during that graduation ceremony. However, it may still be possible that you will only receive your qualification during the next graduation ceremony, due to issues regarding the assessment or changes required to the research. 

The Notice of Submission form can be accessed on the UFS webpage by using the following link:


All faculties – Doctoral Degrees (excluding Health Sciences)

Ms RD Dipyere
T: +27 51 401 2722
E: DipyereRD@ufs.ac.za
Office: George du Toit Building, Room 134

UFS Business School (PhD)

Mrs EL Cox

T: +27 51 401 3172

E: CoxEL@ufs.ac.za

Office: Economic and Management Sciences Building, Block B, Third Floor


Mrs EH Oberholzer

T: +27 51 401 3163

E: oberholzereh@ufs.ac.za

Office: Economic and Management Sciences Building, Block B, Third Floor

Faculty of Health Sciences:

Mrs M du Randt

T: +27 51 401 7500

E: DuRandtM@ufs.ac.za

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