A prospective and/or existing student who wants to change a qualification must complete a DV2 or DV3 form and personally see to it that the necessary approval of the programme director and qualification code, as required on the DV form is obtained. Students should also ensure that they obtained the necessary academic advice regarding the relevant module code(s) they need to register for the new qualification.

Please note the following procedure:

  • Students who, have applied for admission to study at the University for the first time and would like to follow a course of study other than the one initially applied for, and have not yet registered – DV2.
  • Students who would like to follow a course of study other than the one they were registered for – DV2.
  • Students who obtained a qualification and want to study a new module(s) or obtain a higher qualification – DV3.

DV2 and DV3 forms can be downloaded on the link below and submitted at the relevant faculty for approval from 3 to 11 September 2020Module changes and additions, however, take place during the registration period from 3 to 11 September 2020.

Students who have already registered for 2020 will have to follow the listed steps to change their field of study and registration:

  • Cancel all registered modules for 2020 online (even if the modules are the same for the new qualification); click here 
  • Hand in the DV2/3 form at the relevant office/counter during the registration process.
  • Register for the new qualification and modules online (click here)

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