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2013 Partners

The UFS would like to thank our partners for their valuable support in making this possible

Appalachian State University
Binghamton University
Cleveland State University
Clark University
Mount Holyoke College
University of Massachusetts
University of Minnesota
University of New York
Mahasarakham University
University of Antwerp
University of Ghent
University  of Humanistic  Studies
James Madison University
Edmonds Community College
International Christian University
Vermont University
Texas A & M University
Vrije University of Amsterdam

Feedback from September 2013 cohorts:

The quotes below testify to the students’ learning experiences regarding leadership, diversity and transformation, as well as their overall impressions of the programme.

Mount Holyoke College (Amherst, US)
“Standing as ONE but also standing OUT”

Edmonds College (Seattle, US) 
“Leadership is a shared responsibility”
“Diversity does not equal race”
“I can confidently say I had a life-changing experience”

Mahasarakham University (Mahasarakham, Thailand)
“The experience as a whole was out of this world, priceless!” 
“We were challenged to get out of our comfort zones”

University of Humanistic Studies (Utrecht, Netherlands)
“The programme is a stepping stone to being a change agent” 
“The overall impression is one that cannot be defined in words