21 February 2019 | Story Barend Nagel | Photo Barend Nagel
KovsieDuck - BSafe
A day in the life of Duck, a tale for road users.


A destination is defined as a place to which someone is going or being sent to. It is essentially a location of purpose. Every day, millions of people commute from one place to another. Whether it be work, school, or any other place; people have a destination.

In June 2018, it was estimated that 19,9% of South Africans walked to work, while 64,8% of students and learners walked to school. With these figures in mind, it is not difficult to understand that 30-40% of South African road deaths are pedestrians, as mentioned by Arrive Alive.

A destination is a location of purpose, but more importantly, the journey is reaching that destination safely. So, together we can journey to find a way to reduce the number of pedestrian accidents.

With that said, please join the journey with our friend Duck, in:




An ode to users of the road

This is Duck. Duck doesn’t look left or right
And also, Duck isn’t very bright

So, don’t be like Duck – all accident-prone
Remember to always put away your phone.

Duck loves music, and walking to the beat,
but Duck keeps fumbling and stepping on people’s feet.

So, don’t be like Duck ... Stop your clownings
Remember to always check your surroundings

Duck isn’t always at fault
because drivers sometimes won’t come to a halt

So please remember, pedestrians have right of way
Lives are on the line, and it’s a big bill to pay

Let speed limits be your tethers
Do not be in a rush, or your car will be full of feathers.

Please be safe wherever you travel
Keep yourself and others safe from the gravel.


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