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Save money and conserve the environment
Print only when it is necessary: Save money and conserve the environment.

Postgraduate students are often faced with the dilemma of not knowing whether to print or not to print their theses and dissertations for assessment. This may be because of the preference of different examiners. 

According to Dr Emmie Smit, Head: Academic Writing at the UFS Postgraduate School, students often spend a lot of money printing copies of their theses or dissertations and use expensive binding, only to find out that most examiners prefer electronic copies.
Supervisors should find out from examiners prior to submission whether the examiner prefers printed or electronic copies. In this way, students can save money and paper which will help to conserve the environment. When requested for assessment, hard copies need to be neatly bound. However, expensive binding is also not necessary. Stapling and ring-binding are acceptable and cost-effective.

Students are then required to submit the electronic and/or hard copies to the Postgraduate Student Academic Services. The UFS only requires an electronic copy of the after-assessment or final thesis/dissertation to be submitted to the UFS library for the database. 

The format and length of dissertations and theses are determined by faculty- or department-specific guidelines. However, they should be in academic style, with consistent formatting, and scholarly content. Students need to note that the UFS does not require students to print copies as gifts to supervisors, examiners, or friends and family.

Read the Policy on Master’s and Doctoral Studies to learn more

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