• Trauma, Forgiveness and Reconciliation Studies
    Inaugural Presentation of Vice-Chancellor's Lecture Series: "Sites of Trauma, Sites of Conscience"

    Attentive Audience - "An opportunity for dialogue with public, including young thinkers with intruguing ideas and insight on issues related to historical trauma and memory"

  • Trauma, Forgiveness and Reconciliation Studies
    Department of Peace Studies Research; Uppsala University
    Professor Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela presenting a lecture with Emeritus Professor Irvin Staub, Peace and Conflict Studies Research Department, Uppsala University.
  • Trauma, Forgiveness and Reconciliation Studies
    Vice-Chancellor's Lecture Series: "Narrating Rape during the South African War" by Emeritus Prof Ant
    Profs Lucius Botes, Helene Strauss, Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela, Antjie Krog and Dr Buhle Zuma at Prof Krog's Lecture.
  • Trauma, Forgiveness and Reconciliation Studies
    Postgraduate students 2015
    Doctoral and Master's students during a postgraduate students' research workshop with Prof Engela Pretorius as guest of honour.
  • Trauma, Forgiveness and Reconciliation Studies
    Empathic responses to video clips from the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission

    Melike Fourie, Post-doctoral Fellow leading brain imaging in our multidisciplinary research on empathy. 

  • Trauma, Forgiveness and Reconciliation Studies
    "Forgiveness, Law and Justice, Third Annual Reconciliation Lecture 2014"

    "What is Forgiveness? What is it? Why consider it? Should it be encouraged? By law, by leaders?” - Professor Martha Minow

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Trauma, Forgiveness and Reconciliation Studies: Launch of UFS – Mellon Foundation Project


First Meeting of Partners

The first meeting of partners was held on 14-15 February 2015.


Description: Trauma, Forgiveness and Reconciliation Studies Keywords: Mellon Foundation
Professor Jonathan Jansen (Vice-Chancellor and Rector); Dr Saleem Badat (Programme Director at Mellon Foundation); and Professor Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela (Senior Researcher at Trauma Forgiveness and Reconciliation Studies)

Launch of the Research Project

The project was launched publicly by the Vice-Chancellor and Rector, Professor Jonathan Jansen, on 16 February 2015, under the auspices of Institutional Advancement and its director, Dr Marcus Ingram. Dr Saleem Badat, Programme Director for International Higher Education and Strategic Projects, was present at the launch. He explained the strengths of the project, and why the board of the Mellon Foundation chose it as one of the projects to support.


We have established collaborations with a diverse group of scholars in the Humanities and the Arts. Strategic partner institutions and individuals outside the academe include the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation (IJR). One of the IJR’s community programmes involves research on 'trauma and woundedness', and this promises a productive collaboration with the Institute. Click here for Professor Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela's keynote address at the IJR's international conference.

Collaboration has also been established with visual artist Sue Williamson and theatre producer Lara Foot, who is the director of the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town. Foot and Williamson will respectively work on transforming the collected oral histories into theatre and visual art form. Williamson’s work on digital narratives will be presented in a major exhibition in July 2016 under the curatorship of Angela de Jesus, curator of the Stegmann Gallery at the UFS.

Partners from academic institutions include, from the UFS, Professor Helene Straus, Professor Nico Luwes; from UCT, Dr Shose Kessi, Dr Buhle Zuma; from Stellenbosch University, Professor Steven Robins; and from the Durban University of Technology, Dr Anthony Collins.


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